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  1. Thanks for the welcome back, its really good to be here again Sharon x
  2. Hi all to new and old freinds, sorry i have been away for so long, been a single mother to a 13 month old baby doesnt give you much time for yourselve, atm she is zooming around in her walker thinking that i am not watching what she is up to, i realllllllllllllly have to hide the tv remotes.... i hope everyone is well and i really hope to be on alot more cause i could really do with been here... take care all Sharon xxx
  3. A big welcome back hun.... and congrats on your little boy Lol Sharon xx
  4. Your on.....Pepsi it is. Lol Sharon xxx
  5. Welcome back deb....I have really missed you around, its really good to see you about Lol Sharon xxx P.S any chance i can join the party, ill bring some nachos and dip
  6. Hi Hun...welcome to AS.. Sharon x
  7. John....I think il leave the name change untill im 100% sure..it is a big decision. Hi hun....Ive decided i started here with angel123 and maybe i will stick with it, i totaly understand where you are coming from with the picture changing, it gets me sometimes as well... I hope you are doing ok today, sending you some hugs :hug: if ok.
  8. :hug: SeckunClass :hug: Im sorry i didnt mean to freak you out there, all i was thinking of doing was changing my name(angel123) above my angel picture to my real name cause i always sign off from posts with my real name. Im so so sorry if that upset you, i totally understand where you are coming from, I dont like change either. I hope your ok hun.... Im sorry if i upset anyone with asking this question, ive just seen the post lindy has on the board about it.....sorry Lol Sharon xxxx P.S Lindy....I think ill leave the name change for a bit, thanks anyhow. And thanks karen for you
  9. Does anyone know how to change your user name??????????? Lol Sharon x
  10. Sue....so sorry to hear what happen to your two boys, they never deserved that. I hope you find all the support and understanding you deserve here. Take your time to have alook around and get settled in, we will always be here to offer support when you need us..... Take gentle care hun and im sending you and your boys some soft gentle hugs :hug: if ok Sharon x
  11. and welcome to AS Lol Sharon x
  12. and welcome to AS Lol Sharon x
  13. and welcome to AS Lol Sharon x
  14. and welcome to AS Lol Sharon x
  15. and welcome to AS Lol Sharon x
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