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About this blog

I've been told quite a bit now that I should start talking more about my abuse memories.  I have had to tell detectives about my abuse (almost a year ago), but other than that, I have not spoken about them at all.  Now when I try to speak about it to myself, I break down into tears and can't even get two words out.  I break down and start shaking.

So, I'll be trying to share all my abuse memories here as I couldn't find any forums that I'd want to post in.

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A little bit about myself & important dates: ~I am 18 years old (born March, 2003). ~My first time being sexually abused was when I was 7 and that abuse continued for 2 years till I was 9. (first abuse) ~I was sexually abused at 11 years old. (second abuse) ~I was very traumatized and forgot everything of my first abuse up till my memories were triggered at 12 years old. ~I was sexually abused at 12 years old. (third abuse) ~My family found out about the first a


Celia in Myself

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