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Information for Local Crisis Centers in Massachusetts :tealribbon:

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Here's one:

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center

99 Bishop Allen Dr.

Cambridge, MA 02139

Ph: 617-492-3291 (Office hours 9am-5pm M-F, to schedule face-to-face meeting)

24-hour hotlines:

English: 617-492-7273 or 800-841-8371

Spanish: 800-223-5001


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Rape Crisis Hotline

Great Barrington, MA 1230


Rape Crisis Service Grtr Lowell

70 Industrial Ave

Lowell, MA 01851-5107


Rape Crisis Hotline

North Adams, MA 1247


Rape Crisis Line

22 Main St

Osterville, MA 02655-1413


Rape Crisis Center

18 Charles St

Pittsfield, MA 01201-3302


Rape Crisis Hotline

Pittsfield, MA 1201


Rape Reporting - Police Dept

39 Allen St

Pittsfield, MA 01201-6226


Rape Crisis Program

100 Grove St

Worcester, MA 01605-2630


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I need to know what I can d to inform police in CA. about my cousin who raped me for years and raped my two younger sisters and a female cousin many years ago. I am afraid that he is doing this to young women in his area and I want to make sure he does not hurt any one else the way he has done to me and others in the past.

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This thread is for posting resources. Gathering Place and Aftermath are good places to post questions.

Before reporting, I would urge you to call RAINN and learn what to expect when reporting. I would urge you to call several times so that you have a range of responses, or go to the online hotline.

I would also urge you to not take responsibility for changing another person's behavior. If you report, it can not be for the purpose of changing his behavior but for the purpose of healing. This is because the report may not result in jail time. The jail time may be short. He may continue offending against younger/weaker men in prison. He may do it again after getting out. He might skip bail and disappear. Not even the courts can control the conduct of an individual, fortunately or unfortunately.

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