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  1. This is not so bad...but now I hesitate to tell others... I and my friend chatted about medical care in our local hospital. I told here about my bad experience during my last visit and she asked me why I was there. I told her because I was assaulted. Her reaction: “Well, you were just unlucky. The doctor was an idiot. You can meet these people everywhere.” Then she added: “Oh, how we spoke about my bad memory… my mum wants me to call her when I go somewhere at night if I´m OK and I often forget to.” Ok I didn’t say anything I was thinking “Does she mean it was my fault, it couldn’t happen to
  2. People can be very very stupid. I'm sorry you have met one of them.
  3. Just few minutes ago I made my first attempt to enter the chat room and I had problems too. I have no idea why, but it helped me to use the MI Explorer instead of Opera. So maybe you can try another browser? Good luck.
  4. May trigger I was shocked by question of my brother´s girlfriend: “Was HE at least handsome?” "Surprisingly, I didn´t care about his appearance. Answering YES mean I shouldn´t moan or what?” I know my mum wants to help me and not hurt me but she just doesn´t understand at all. She never asked how I felt but she asked me “Was he nervous?”, “Why he did this and that etc.?”. The only topic relate to it we can speak about is him (and police stuff). “Why did he act so silly (meaning: why did he hold a knife on your throat)? If he would have acted normally you could start dating him.” (aft
  5. Hi! The really good thing is that your teacher cares. I think, she would understand that you don´t feel ready to accept her help. However even coming here is brave and maybe the first step. As you see my English isn´t far as perfect as yours although I´m just writing my fifth post. Nobody has groused yet. People are here very tolerant and nice (or maybe they don´t understand me ). I wish you luck. (btw. I love Holland.)
  6. Ave


    Hello everybody, It is strange for me posting somewhere. I usually just read posts written by others, but I do feel like I should say something here as well. I was raped by a stranger in August and since then everything is like a dream. The world is just not the same place as it was before. It seems to me that everything and everybody has changed. I am trying a lot of things to help myself. I do not want let Him spoil my life even more. Visiting (and now joining) this web is really helpful. I do have finally feeling that somebody can understand me without long explaining. I am sorry for
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