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    I like playing guitar, writing lyrics, writing anything..<br />And thats about it..

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  1. Hi, and welcome. this is an amazing place, lots of friends. pm me if you need anything. nice to meet you wendy.
  2. Hi, and nice to meet you. This is an amazing place, your going to make many friends. If you need anything, any help, advice, or just want to talk, pm me, okay? I hope your okay.
  3. oh, im SO excited to get to know youuu. this place is truly wonderful, were all one big family. you need any help, wanna talk, wanna scream, questions, concerns, whatever,. pm me okay?
  4. yeah i do, but when i click on live chat it says " invalid username or password"
  5. lol kay but, it said i posted more than 25 times, but the live chat still doesnt work for me...
  6. yep. OH! how do i tell how many posts i made?
  7. Hi Sara, Yes, hun..... You can set this in your profile, just look at the top of the page where it says "your controls" One of the options you get is to have the site send you an email when receiving PM's...... It's called "email notifications" Good luck! Jo kay thanks, and also, oh wait..i forgot. lol
  8. so i posted 25 times.. ithink.. but it still wont let me on chat? lol im SO confuse.d
  9. kay thanks. but, is there anyway i can get this site to email me whenever someone like,sends me a msg or?
  10. hey everybody, and thanks for all your help. i think i understand now.
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