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  1. Welcome to AS! You came to the right place for support. You are not alone.
  2. Welcome to AS. I think you will find this community supportive.
  3. lost2found


    Welcome to AS! I do agree, it is sad so many of us need it, but good it is here for us. This site has been a wonderful support system for me so far. Again, welcome!
  4. Welcome to AS. You have found the right place for support. We have a Share Your Story forum and if you type your story in there, those who are able to will give you support. Others may be in a place where they can not read the stories right now. We are here for you. Welcome!
  5. I'm glad you are giving us a try. We are here to support you in anyway that we can.
  6. Welcome to AS! I'm sorry you have a need for this forum, but glad you found us.
  7. Welcome to AS! I'm glad you found us. I am sorry you are having a difficult time. We are here to lend support in anyway we can.
  8. Welcome to AS. While I'm sorry you have a reason to be here, I am glad you found us. You are not alone!
  9. Welcome to the group Aggy. I think people start in different areas. I, like you, introduced myself, then I posted my story in the Share your story forum. I hope you find the support you need here at AS.
  10. Thanks Vera. Dodo was able to help me and I can access chat again.
  11. I can't access chat either. When I go in, it just has a blank screen and I can't see anything. I did notice on the main page of AS it shows that I am in chat, so if my name is showing up, people are thinking I'm very rude!
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