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  1. Can do one for that too, will post there in a minute. John
  2. And I just realized I wrote YOU not YOUR, but I am so not editing those pictures now they've been uploaded. You get what I mean
  3. Please see: Quoting Other Members In Posts Thank-you for your compliments John
  4. To quote another member's post, the process once you've learned it is quiet simply, please see below Step 1: Click on "Reply" Button next to post you wish to quote Step 2: Wrote your reply to the quote Step 3: Click "Add Reply" button at the bottom See picture for more clarification
  5. Yes I will upload a tutorial now, give me a few minutes Your friendly forum computer Wiz John
  6. Hi there Katie, Welcome to AS, I'm glad you've come here Look forward to getting to know you John
  7. John

    New Member

    HI there and Welcome to AS. I'm glad you've already made some posts - AS is a great resource and supportive network of survivors of similar trauma's to what you've experienced. I am very sorry for the hurt you experienced in 2005, but am glad you've decided to reach out to the people here at AS for support I can totally understand the difficulties in accessing therapy, I had a hard time being able to access therapy when I was in your shoes afew years ago - AS is different to the help you would get in therapy - it's survivors helping other survivors, which can be quiet validating being able to talk to others who have similar experiences to your own. I hope being here helps you on your healing journey John
  8. Hi Kris, Welcome to AS - I am sorry for the pain and hurt your boyfriend caused to you, its was very wrong - I hope you find some healing and support here at AS
  9. Hi Moro, Just post whatever comes naturally to you - we're here to support you and whatever you post we'll just be here to support you As Becky said there's no pressure here - just post whatever comes into your head or whatever you feel comfortable posting Take gentle care of yourself and feel free to PM me anytime and remember your aren't alone here at AS John
  10. Hello Pato, Welcome to AS Am very glad you've decided to start coming here to AS - I am very happy you've decided to take the important step of coming to AS You should be very proud of yourself for making this step - as speaking out about the hurt we've experienced isn't an easy thing to do - so well done
  11. Hi Susie, Welcome to Aftersilence Thank-you for coming here - I am glad you've made the steps to come here about the hurts you've experienced as a child and I hope by being here you find support and comfort. I think you're very strong for coming here to a website like AS Well done.
  12. I believe it occurs to everyone on the site from time to time. It's nothing to do with what anyone here is doing when a search is being preformed. The only thing that would cause a flood control, which a user can control - is as described above, when too many posts are done in quick succession. The flood control that occurs when you do a search usually relates to server loading, and are most likely going to occur if there's a large number of people on the server. The good thing about this is that server peaks usually pass quickly and things get back to normal again soon. I will research and see if there's any other reason that could be causing this and let you all know if I find anything. Hope this helps John
  13. Welcome Tribia to Aftersilence You're not alone here, we're all here to support you - even if you did absolutely nothing to stop what occurred it's not your fault - it's the perps fault, they shouldn't have done what they did, you shouldn't have to try and stop those thing happening, as they shouldn't be willing to do them in the first place. Thank-you for coming here and seeking out support
  14. Hi Rebecca Welcome to AS. I am sorry for the trauma you've suffered through, I hope by coming here, along with your therapy, it can help you in your healing. John
  15. John

    Hi There

    Welcome to After silence It's understandable not wishing to talk to your friends about this, it's a very sensitive topic, and often it is easier to talk to others who have been through similar experience to your own, like the people here at AS. I find it very hard to talk to my IRL friends about what happened to me also. Therapy is a great step forward and I'm very pleased to hear you've decided to go to a therapist, they're a massive support. It totally natural to have ups and downs in therapy - I remember when I was in therapy it was very much the same. I'm glad you've come across this website also - there is one thing that is for sure at AS, you're not alone, we're all survivors here, and you're not alone in your healing journey here from what you've experienced
  16. Everyone loves Humor and Silliness .. Thanks very much Vera
  17. Hey there baroness, I am abit of a nerd too They accept nerds readily here at AS - I hope you enjoy being here and get the support you're looking for
  18. ^^ In this case it would have been done by the system automatically - PM's are instantly sent and received so any * you see in them are automatic, and any changes would only be for things such as swearing, which is the same as on the board, Cheers, John
  19. I can answer this one Basically it's got to do with it you've read all the post in that forum, or if you've not read all of them but then click the flower, it will mark them all as read (abit like in an email client). The White flower (I suspect on human and silliness) is abit of a glitch - it was part of the old as skin from way back, but has for some reason decided to come back sometimes. Here to give you abit of an idea: Dark pink power - new post since last login and unread - Here Light pink power - no new post since last login and unread, or some unread in subforum (I think - am abit unsure) Here Blueish Pink - no new post since last login and no unread posts Here White flower - old school flower which I don't think is meant to look like it does - mean read only forum Here I hope this helps some John
  20. John

    Um, Hi?

    Hello Milika, You've come to the right place if you're looking to find support and advice - this place is very supportive and advicetive (if that's a word lol ) I'm glad to hear you got out of that relationship - but am at the same time very sorry for what you've been through. I hope by being here you can start to heal from what you've gone through in that relationship. Well done on coming here - it's a massive step to speak out - even online and is something you should be very proud of. Well done. John
  21. John


    Hi Katie Welcome to AS I am glad you've decided to break you silence after years of silence. Well done. I look forward to seeing you here at AS John
  22. Hello and Welcome back to AS - am glad you've been able to make your way back to AS
  23. Hello, Am sorry for what has brought you here, but I am glad you have come here - I can totally relate to the feeling you've having now, I'm glad you've decided to come here and decided to post, as coming here offers alot of support and friendship through these hard times. Take Care John
  24. Hi Adam Welcome to Aftersilence - I hope that by being here at AS, it makes that long ride abit easier for you Take gentle care John
  25. John

    I Cried.

    Hi there and Welcome to Aftersilence - It's ok you cried, I think we've all cried from time to time Take gentle care of yourself John
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