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  1. I'm Back

    Hello Everyone, its been almost a year since I've been on here, and even then it was only for a month or two, but I'm really excited to be back. I didn't have a computer for a long time but now I do and I hope everyoneone is doing great.
  2. Did You Regret Reporting It? Where You Glad?

    i was lucky when i reported because i had evidence. the night before i reported he tried making me do things so when i ran to my room he started texting me offering omoney and stuff. my sister found me histerical and wen i told her why she begged me to tell my mom. she was so scared. i was also lucky with the whole legal process. he pleaded guilty so i didnt have to go to court i just had to make a police report. i didnt tell them everything though, i couldnt in front of my mom she was to crushed already. all in all the only regret i have is breaking my family aparty but i guess its ok. he was holding us down, causing un-needed issues but if your going to report you rele do need a good support system. and i do feel the police handling the case make abig difference. good luck with whatever decision you make
  3. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    love you, hate you...unforgivable
  4. Hi, New To Online Posting

    welcome to AS. this site is great if your trying to find people who understand. see you around:) --Kay
  5. New Here

    welcome to AS
  6. Hello Again

  7. Hi

    welcome to AS
  8. Hey.

    welcome to AS
  9. Newbie Here

    welcome to AS
  10. Let Me Tell You

    welcome back:)
  11. First Step Opening Up

    welcome to AS....opening up is really hard but this place is extremly helpful you'll be ok
  12. Heya

  13. Hello

    welcome this site is great Im new too and it's rele helpful good luck!
  14. Hello

    it is:)
  15. Im A New One

    hey just wondering if u take all these pictures yourself?? they're beutiful!!