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  1. Hello and welcome to Aftersilence, I hope you find what you need here.
  2. Happy to ---- if I can just find the right button to press
  3. I am not sure what you're referring to sorry. If it happens again, press PRTSC which put a screen shot of the screen into the clipboard, paste it to a paint, and PM it to me and I'll have a look.
  4. Hi Ann, You can talk to us here, or if you wish please send me PM with your concern. Thanks, John
  5. Hi Philkay, Can you try clear the cache and temp files, and cookies, have a look on Google how to do this See how this goes at getting you into it John
  6. Internet Explorer is pretty bad, I use Chrome personally. It's good
  7. Hi Guys, Perhaps try a different browser? What browser are you guys using? It may not allow for redirecting. I usually use Chrome which you can get from www.google.com/chrome Also something I can suggest is clearing you history and cookies from your browser, best you look up on google how to do this on your specific browser. Hope this helps, if you continue having problem please post back and I'll try to assist further. John
  8. We can start a poll or something. I feel this is something that would be best coordinated through the chat admins and discussed in the chat forum. We're currently going through chat mod applications, so we may have to wait until that's completed, depending on the availability of current chat mods and admins. I'll talk to the chat admins and look at getting a topic in the chat forum to discuss this ASAP where we can all throw around ideas. Cheers, John
  9. General spell checking is something installed into your browser rather than on AS. We don't have a spell checker built into AS.
  10. I think this time it is actually fixed, if you have any further issue let me know.
  11. It when you login to the homepage - we need to do a licence reset on the IPB licence. Best thing to do is to click a public forum then login from there. We're working to get issue resolved asap. As I am sure you can understand sometimes these things are abit technically tricky so your understanding and patiance is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello, I believe it was a script issue, which I think I've solved now - can't be 100% sure, will have to see if it happens again. If anyone is having problems getting access to site, and cannot log-in please email aftersilence.org@gmail.com with your details. Thanks, John
  13. Hello All, On your profiles there's two birthday fields, one which is public, should you wish to put your birthday up - the other is the field completed when you joined and is only viewable to moderators and the actual members themselves. To remove the public birthday from your profile- go to your name (e,g, for me "John") in top right corner, click on it, then click "My Profile", then click, "Edit my Profile" from here you can scroll to "My Profile Information" where you can edit (or remove) your publicly viewable birthday - the other birthday which everyone can see on there own profile, is t
  14. Hello, We're currently in the process of selecting a number of new skins for the site and setting them up for AS
  15. Hi, Yes as a result of the server issues we had, anything from Oct 2011, to when the website went down was erased, we're currently in the process of attempting to get this recovered from our host, however at the moment we're not sure how long this will take or if we can indeed get the lost information back.
  16. Hi L0h, Please PM me regarding this so we can discuss directly with each other. John
  17. Thanks Samii. Good explanation, usually spammers get paid by the clicks they get on there links, (pay per click) - which is the most common marketing model on the internet - and usually a good one unless exploited. We have software to try and prevent spammers, and it works well, most done get through, but we do get them come through as no prevention program is perfect.
  18. I concur with the others Sammi, certainly not stupid, the new AS system is certain very different to the old. It's completely understandable it a learning curve. Also as Jen pointed out, there's a report spammer button a profile which will also notify us moderators of the issue with a particular member and if they're a new member we will review all there posts, and if they're a spammer, ban them. Please don't feel you're stupid for not knowing it totally understandable, we're here to help. Give me a PM if you require assistance.
  19. Hi Jamie, I just wanted to say hi - Also just wanted to say we'll get your profile fixed up, but it might take afew days. Based on your profile pic I think we can all guess you're a girl Welcome and I hope you get the support you're looking for here
  20. Hey Thanks for your suggestion Will discuss with other moderators and go from there
  21. If you post under someone else's topic (e.g. replying) it post under there's. If you start a new topic by clicking the new topic button, it will start an entirely new thread/topic. Private messaging, it's available from the task bar at top of page under new messages or can be accessed from My Controls.
  22. These things happen from time to time. I have dylexia, so I can assure you it wasn't done to make it so we can't see, or in a descriminatory manner. Will have a look and let you know asap.
  23. I don't recall sorry - when was this? If I know when it was it may help us track them down. Please do feel free to add resources you know of to this forum I'm pretty sure it let members add resources, if not let me know and I'll add the resources.
  24. Hi Wolfie, The resource board is split into quite large regional geographic areas, from which Europe is one of the listed area's. Please feel free to add any area's in the European area, including any the 4 countries in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), and the dependant collonies into that forum, as well as any other European countries. http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showforum=78 John
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