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  1. Music has been a long time aspect of my healing journey not just from the trauma I endured at the age of 18 but through many rough patches in my life. When it comes to music I am an old soul, One of the artists that I listen to is Johnny Mathis I became a fan of his music in 2017 after a death happened in my family. His voice is very comforting to me and it is very soothing. I'll add a link to one of my favorite songs. I hope to see a Johnny Mathis concert someday, Everytime I hear his music it gives me a feeling of comfort and peace.
  2. Thanks for the hug Writing has been comforting for me in my recovery. One of my friends did tell me that I would forget all about it when he knew what I went through
  3. Even though it has been four years There are days where I can still feel his rough hands on me I said no I said no But he didn't stop His bitter words echo in my mind Over and over again. It's been four years The memories of him Won't leave There are days Where I ask why Why did he cause me So much pain? "You'll forget all about it" They tell me They have no idea What absolute terror is always looking over your shoulder all the time. The memories of him That won't leave
  4. Hi everyone I was told about AfterSilence from my counselor my counselor encouraged me to sign up. this year marks the 4 year anniversary of the trauma I endured when I was 18 years old I'm an old soul when it comes to music. One of my favorite artists is Johnny Mathis his music has been comforting to me through many rough times in my life. Im currently a senior in college I plan to work with young people after I graduate Nice to meet you all 🙂
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