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  1. Welcome to Aftersilence mariposa! I applaud your courage in breaking your silence! Well done in the progress you have made in your healing journey. So happy you are discovering self-love and stand with you as you heal. Tsabu
  2. Tsabu


    Hi Restingup.....welcome to Aftersilence!!
  3. Thank you Poppy and MeBeMary for such lovely welcomes, and yes, looking forward to seeing you guys on here too! And....thank you for the offer of support if I am struggling. (yes does still happen occasionally) I see you are a fellow cat lover MeBeMary!! Take gentle care my lovelies. Tsabu
  4. Hey 888, snmls, and Struggling, thank you for the lovely welcomes! Looking forward to catching up with you all in the forums and on chat. Tsabu
  5. Hey GreySock, Yes, things will get better. Absolutely! The cat....well it is a picture of a burmese cat like the one that i owned when I was a little girl. So, not the actual cat but close as I could get. Oh, a black oriental shorthair....sounds like a beautiful cat! Thanks for the welcome GreySock. Tsabu 🐱
  6. Stop breathing perfectly good oxygen.
  7. Thanks missfrier!
  8. Hi everyone! It has been a couple of years since I have been here so just wanted to say hello! I have made a lot of progress in healing and look forward to browsing the forums, chatting to fellow survivors, and helping to support others too. Take care all! Tsabu 🌼
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