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  1. Actually left my apartment of my own choice today. Not because of work, not because I promised someone I would do something or be somewhere. Just decided to get out for me. Walked down street and back. Picked up some junk food on the way back. Was gone for about 20 minutes, during which I realized it had been a very long time since I did that. It's the first time I've left the apartment because I wanted to, rather than needed to or promised to, in about...a month? Maybe longer? I noticed today that I was truly paying attention to, and laughing at, my favourite Youtuber's new video.
  2. What a month! I've gotten swamped with work, community theater has my evenings kept busy, and I've been helping out at the local animal shelter. All of which has left me busy beyond belief, exhausted, and struggling to just function. Forget gettting further on my healing journey. I also won't be able to see my therapist for another 2 weeks. So that's not so fun. About a week and a half ago I relasped into my self injury momentarily. I had a terrrible nightmare and lizard brain kicked in to just get out of the dissociative state. So I fell back into old hiding habits. Haven't made it a pat
  3. rakit


    Hello @feralcat I'm so sorry you have to be here, and I'm very glad you've reached out to get support on your healing journey. Welcome to After Silence, which is full of supportive, helpful people who care about you getting better.
  4. Thank you all for saying hi!
  5. I'm rakit. I found AS when my therapist recommended I try to find an online forum to try and get a sense of not alone-ness and maybe even community. From what I've seen this forum is amazingly supporting of people, and respectful of their individual situations. I'm grateful for that. I'm hoping I can bring some support to others, and find a place to feel not alone here.
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