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  1. @RisingLotus615 Luckily, I truly do! I see her again in a few moments, and I'm feeling positive again about it. I was feeling a bit down yesterday, but I feel like today is a new day.
  2. Hi, I'm new too. This community is great and supportive, so you've found the right place. I love your name too. I'm wishing you well on your healing journey. We're here for you.
  3. I saw my sexual assault counselor today and it went quite well. She bought me a coffee, we went for a drive, and I was able to be myself and let out my feelings. We had some laughs as well. She is very kind and supportive. Next appointment, we will get more into the reporting process. I am going to bring some notes with me so I have more of an idea of what to talk about. I feel quite hopeful about my journey with her, as well as with my trauma psychologist. These may be dark days, but I have the right support. I'm so glad that I can feel a little bit more hopeful than I have been the last whil
  4. Tomorrow I see my sexual assault counselor, and I'm starting to feel a little bit more hopeful. I just started seeing her after the previous one moved jobs, and she is very kind and supportive. So far, I've seen her once to tell her my story and get to know her. This time, she is going to bring me a coffee and we'll go for a drive while discussing the reporting process and anything else I need to talk about. I was feeling very anxious and down today, but I feel more positive after chatting with a great and encouraging person from a hotline. I'm hoping it.goes well. I almost know it will a
  5. Hello and welcome! I am new here too. I'm glad you made it here, this is a very good and supportive community. You're strong for reaching out and working on things. And it's good that you have someone who cares about you for support. I am wishing you well on your path to healing.
  6. Welcome, I am new too. You've found a good and supportive community. I'm sorry to hear what has happened. You're strong; Best wishes on your healing path.
  7. Welcome! I'm new as well, as you know from posting in my thread. I'm sorry to hear what has happened. You're very strong. I also like to write as it's a very good outlet. It's great that you have some coping mechanisms. What cartoons do you like?
  8. Welcome! I'm new too. You've found a supportive and safe space. I'm sorry to hear what has happened. You are strong.
  9. Thanks, welcome to you! Nice similar avatar, by the way.
  10. Thank you all very much, I am glad to find a space that is kind and understanding.
  11. Hi, I decided to join after a kind person informed me about this forum. I'm looking for support on this journey of recovery.
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