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Seeing My Counselor

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Tomorrow I see my sexual assault counselor, and I'm starting to feel a little bit more hopeful. I just started seeing her after the previous one moved jobs, and she is very kind and supportive. So far, I've seen her once to tell her my story and get to know her. This time, she is going to bring me a coffee and we'll go for a drive while discussing the reporting process and anything else I need to talk about. I was feeling very anxious and down today, but I feel more positive after chatting with a great and encouraging person from a hotline.

I'm hoping it.goes well. I almost know it will after last time. I just need to remind myself that I have support.  So right now, even if just for a while, I don't feel that awful. I feel like we can make some progress. Tomorrow we will discuss reporting and in the future, she will have me speak with an officer. I don't have to report anything to that officer, it is just to talk with them and get comfortable in case I do report my SA at some point.

Then, I see my trauma psychologist soon as well. He said we he will get back to me with an appointment.

So, overall I am feeling surprisingly at ease right now. This is a new resource for my path of healing, and someday I will feel better. It just takes time and care.

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