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  1. THIS IS NOT MY CONTENT although I have done various covers of this song. this is a song by a band called happy days. I don't want to post the song title. since it would probably disturb a lot of people. here are the lyrics. I highly suggest not finding this song or the other songs by this band. if you are feeling down in any way. although I listen to this music when I'm down since it makes me feel like people understand The broken home on this street Haunts me, It always hurts to see, For this is where I began to bleed, Never did I understand Why it happens, The Horrid nights, The infinite cries, With no end in sight, The heavy touch, The rose stained floors, Never have I felt, Such emotional pain, That brought along physical torture, Asking myself why, Without Reason, Without feeling, A foul scent, That permeates the air, Revisiting a familiar scene, To shame a life, Removing their only seed, Never been fed, Disposed by loved ones , Left for dead... Time and life may continue, But I will always remember... For this round scar, Still burns...
  2. the song. part one lyrics

    sometimes i feel, like im not really here. sometimes i feel, like im not real. sometimes the pain, is to much to bear. so then I dissociate, dissociate. i dont want to be here anymore dissociate, dissociate. lock away my feelings, no more pain anymore dissociate, dissociate. i dont feel anymore. sometimes i feel, like im all alone sometimes i hear, voices of the past in my head sometimes i see, vision of pain in my mind so then i dissociate, dissociate, i dont want to be here anymore dissociate, dissociate, i cant feel my face anymore dissociate, dissociate, i will be in pain again, just not now sometimes, my life is in third person. sometimes. im a narrator of a sad nonfiction sometimes, i cry and look at myself in the mirror. so then i dissociate, dissociate, i dont want to be here anymore dissociate, dissociate, dont feel the pain anymore dissociate, dissociate, this feeling i just cannot bear. is the mirror i look into me? is the person i see even real? i hope i can feel all the time sometime again. and then i, dissociate, dissociate, feelings are to hard to face dissociate, dissociate, what is this life anymore dissociate, dissociate, i feel safe, being numb i feel. you feel. we feel. sometimes i just disassociate, to keep my soul alive. also please dont copy this and share it around. ive had many times where people copy my poetry and claim its their own. im trusting you all to not do so.
  3. Hey new here.

    Hey. I originally intended to post here in the 27th when my account got activated. But instead I ended up going to a mental hospital due to some circumstances I'll talk about another time. In short thought. The 29th of December is a anniversary of my childhood abuse. The date it started. It's been many years since that. I my physical body has grown up but I still feel like a scared and hurt child. Also not sure if this is fixable but I mistyped my username when creating my account it's suppose to read "ThyLight" Anyways I hope this board can be a good place for me to be during my healing.