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  1. Sleeping bear exits dark den. (It's been a 40 year hibernation in a darkened, lonely silence...I hunger to stand with my fellow survivors...look out...watch me now)
  2. Hi Nikki, I'm Pie. I recently found A.S. I hope you find the level of comfort and support I have found. My sincerity for all you are going through. Although my situation is likely quite different, I, too have had the angst of dealing with an insensitive parent whose view is "get over it already". The point is, I can relate to the challenge of facing a non-understanding parent...whose job is to protect and support. Warm wishes. Pie
  3. Congratulations on taking a big step. I can relate, too. I've decided to end a 40 year silence...and, now, it is time to turn the abuse in an action. Again, congratulations! Keep on keepin on.
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