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  1. Also sprach Zarathustra, must say i love your nickname ;) Dont worry about the details, we all take our own time to get comfertable here. Welcome to AS! Love, SLG
  2. SWORD! you dragged me up! thnx for the smiles tho
  3. SLG

    Baby Step

    Welcome to AS Lotus Love, SLG
  4. Welcome to AS gracie lou ^^ Love, SLG
  5. Welcome to as ^^ Love, SLG
  6. SLG

    I'm New

    Welcome to as Nina ^^ Love, SLG
  7. Welcome to as ^^ Love, SLG
  8. Thank you all ^^ Love, SLG
  9. Hi hun ^^ Glad you see you around here Love, SLG
  10. Hello everyone! Sooo... I haven't really been around for some time.. Missed you all. Im back now, although it might take a while before im back to being really active ;) Let's see... what's been up last couple of months. I had an accident in october, which was the main reason i left. I couldn't really keep up with everything anymore, so i retreated to just using LJ online and stop all my other activities. So been busy recovering from it.. Was in pretty bad state at that time.. But i'm doing far better now, recovered for 90% and picking up things in my life.. Besides the accident, and recovering, which have been main activity's in my life since october, a lot of things happend in my life. Having to stay at my parents cause of my injury;s, Splitting up with my girlfriend and losing most my friends in the process.. Through it all im doing pretty good, eventho most is hard to deal with.. I started therapy last month and going to start in a traumarecovery therapy group in a month or too, 3 days a week and all pretty intense.. Not looking forward to it, but glad i have the oppertunity to go back to therapy... That's about it for now. Just thought i'd say hi, seeing there's a lot of new people too ;) Love, SLG
  11. Welcome I'm srry to hear what you went trough. He had no right to do such a thing, and he's wrong for saying youre overreacting!! Im really sorry that you feel this loss tho.. Hope youll find the support you need here. Love, SLG
  12. SLG


    Welcome Noemie, I am sorry for all you have been trough, but glad you found this place. I hope you'll find it as suppotive as i have, cuz you sure sound like you need some support. Good luck with your T appointment. PM me anytime you wanna talk. Love, SLG
  13. SLG

    Hi I'm Back

    Take your time hun, There's no such thing as gone too long here We all need our time every now and then. im just glad you found your way back here.
  14. SLG

    Hi I'm Back

    Welcome back Heidi Love, SLG
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