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    My monderful dog! Music, Wicca, art and gardening.

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  1. Hi Sparks welcome to AS I hope you find the understanding and support you need here. good luck!
  2. Tulula


    Welcome I hope with the support of others around you you can begin to come to terms with the pain you have had to endure. Everyone is very supportive here at AS and I hope you find what you need here. Good luck
  3. Tulula


    hI Molly and welcome to AS I hope you find what you are in need of here - always here to listen and offer encouragement and comfort. I offer you the best of luck on your journey to a more wholesome life
  4. Hi and welcome to AS hope you fond what your looking for here sweetie
  5. Tulula


    HI and welcome I hope you find the support & comfort you need at AS Take care of yourself
  6. Tulula


    Hi and welcome Becky hope you find the support you need here.
  7. Welcome back! Im fairy new here and do find plucking up the courage to post hard - but its always worth it. Hope you find it useful too.
  8. Hi and welcome hope you find support when your down, and laugher and silliness when you feel light. if you dont mind me asking where was the trauma centre you attended? could you tell me what was helpful about it? Im searching for new support at the moment as my psychotherapist of 6years whom I saw twice weekly retired at xmas ! hope you find what you need here x
  9. Hello I Have been registered on this site for few weeks now but only just plucked up the courage to introduce myself. Its very scary! Looking forward to getting to know you all, supporting and sharing. Tulula x
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