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  1. I don't know how much more I will be able to take. I'm failing.

  2. graciouslotus88, Your kind and insightful words do mean a lot to me. Maybe it is time to reach out again for help. I have a problem with saying x,y,z and then getting the usual " it's not your fault, it was terrible what happened to you, ect." I find the hardest part of therapy being that my therapist can only be empathetic. I think that's why I come here. This bond we share is tragic, but knowing that others, unfortunately, have similar experiences does bring some comfort to me. I am a very peaceful person so the fact that this anger emerges without warning makes me feel out of control and
  3. I am not doing well today. I feel like I don't owe my past any recognition, but the past few days I am letting it consume me.

  4. I'm new at this so I don't know if anything I say will upset people. Please be warned even though this isn't graphic and primarily a rant you Could become upset. Anyway I am so sick of feeling humiliated and pretending I am ok. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but the fact is I am fine for months even years, but then, something destroys me again. A book I read, sex with my husband, something on tv, any little deviation in the plan where I might not have total control can send me spinning for weeks. That is where I am now and it sucks. It tests the strength of my marriage. I can't go to my hu
  5. I feel so guilty because I never reported the and potentially set them loose on another woman.

  6. I need to tell my story. I need to know how. The place where I thought I would says I need a password.
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