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  1. Hawkgirl, Sorry its blue not green. Thanks. It worked!
  2. I am sorry if this is written somewhere. I couldn't find it. How do you do the green @member's name?
  3. I am glad you got the info you needed. Once I hit 10 posts I had no issue getting into that forum.
  4. Mandy, Thank you. I got your PM and replied. I don't think it will push me away from here. I might be hesitent and nervous, especially at first. My dad used to say, "try everything twice bc the first time you try something might not be a true representation of what you are trying"
  5. Mary and Nyc Girl, I appreciate the encouragement and reassurance. I had a bad experience w a different board, so I'm very nervous. Hollih, Thank you for the suggestion.
  6. Mary, Thank you so much for the info. It confused me bc when I clicked on "share my story" it asked for a password. Posting 10 times makes sense. I'm really nervous being here. I'm sure that go away w time.
  7. Also, can I get the password for the "share my story" forum? Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm nervous. Besides my therapist, I have no support and I am looking for some. I have some questions. I PMed a mod, I think. I'm not really sure. I'm tech challenged. Should I ask my questions to the newbie team instead?
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