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  1. Life will give you the experiences necessary to expand your consciousness

  2. I hate myself for hating him yet I lack justification I treat everyone like my best friend yet I only feel isolation I talk too much Since I have anxiety And I have no friends Since I'm not fucking friendly Pain is my favorite teacher Daily he fills me hallow I stopped believing my preacher So in my soul I choose to follow Nearly daily I don't bother Explaining to my mother and father That I'm the next generation Of children without a heart though I take my lessons And I run with 'em I don't stop for nothin' more than a single breath And with that breath I'll release the smoke of my past er F
  3. Can I open up to you? The can of worms sat undisturbed on the top shelf in your bedroom But can I speak with you? Words left undone I’m overrun Gold thread left un-spun What is there left to do? The spindle lays down useless; how could we get stronger through this? I deserve to know what the goddamn truth is Or what truth may be today- But tomorrow it may change The heart is clay (washed away) As you present your sins in chains to be slain Finally I state: “Don’t insult my intelligence- for I have felt more deeply than you ever have in your moments of weakness.” To that, what would you say? Cl
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