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Dying Daughters



I hate myself for hating him

yet I lack justification

I treat everyone like my best friend

yet I only feel isolation

I talk too much

Since I have anxiety

And I have no friends

Since I'm not fucking friendly

Pain is my favorite teacher

Daily he fills me hallow

I stopped believing my preacher

So in my soul I choose to follow

Nearly daily I don't bother

Explaining to my mother and father

That I'm the next generation

Of children without a heart though

I take my lessons

And I run with 'em

I don't stop for nothin' more than a single breath

And with that breath I'll release the smoke of my past er

Floating in my sorrow and drowning in this thin air

Follow my white ass down this rabbit hole

Ignore the Pharisees and what they done to my psyche

As the sun rises; tomorrow comes to a dull close

Label us- the dying daughters of submissive lovely Aphrodite


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