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The Final Give & Take

Can I open up to you?

The can of worms sat undisturbed on the top shelf in your bedroom

But can I speak with you?

Words left undone I’m overrun Gold thread left un-spun

What is there left to do?

The spindle lays down useless; how could we get stronger through this?

I deserve to know what the goddamn truth is

Or what truth may be today- But tomorrow it may change

The heart is clay (washed away)

As you present your sins in chains to be slain

Finally I state:

“Don’t insult my intelligence- for I have felt more deeply than you ever have in your moments of weakness.”

To that, what would you say?

Clarity is the direct result of pain

If I could I would sit down forever and watch you on replay

Going away, slowing the day, dreams starting to fray

Like you would give a fuck

I must have been a tiny sliver of your life that you flushed down the pipe and refused to think of.

I should give up- but damn. I guess that’s ok, I could

give every piece of you away if only (if only) I didn’t Love

Now begins the final verse of giving up, But I will

sit on this stool and pour my soul into these six strings

Write a song about destiny- the flame’s smoke hit my lungs on repeat

Never felt more misunderstood-no clue how to handle such huge things

The burden on my back is weighing me down relentlessly

Single notes always lack when I’m drowning in this symphony

But who cares? No, really- who gives a shit at all

When we’re eye to eye in silence- waiting for the draw

The trigger on your finger looks like it’s about to give

A moment from the end of a life that has not yet been lived

Stretch me ‘till the silence ends or until my bones begin to break

Is this the theft of mortality-

or the final “Give & Take?”


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