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  1. I have no memory of being raped, but I had a possible symptom. I went to a councilor. I read the book, "Victims No Longer." I go to support groups, but don't know how to bring it up without being judged. My cousin, who was my best friend, committed suicide about the same time in my life.
  2. Hello. I must explain my username. I wrote a song many years ago with the lyric "the road looks more like a ladder to me." The road of survival is an uphill climb while victimization is possibly a fall. I respect your privacy as I hope you do mine. 

  3. I stay busy with school as I want to be a teacher. I spend my leisure time painting pictures, playing music, and gardening (also tv). I have chores at home. But with all this comes stress and sadness, but I am afraid that if I break down crying anywhere that others will know and think I'm weak or disturbed. Men are supposed to be strong. Why do tears take courage? I think that because I was molested simple things like that are complicated. Or it is hard to cry because my family lives very far away.
  4. Sorry Good title but need to get the rest of it right so I erased some mistakes
  5. Not sure enough to keep this post up
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