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    Collecting vintage dolls (see avatar:), playing 3d internet games, some reading, writing into this forum. :) Taking care of our cats.. Prince Charming, Sir Arthur, Flouffie, Blackbeary, Mulbeary, Edelweiss, Katerina, Tootsie, Mama Kitty, and Schneffel.. Yep, those are all our cat's names. :)
  1. Welcome ((Shane)) I'm so sorry for what happened to you. It's so wonderful that you have such a supportive fiance. I hope you find this site as loving and helpful as I have. Love, Kelsie
  2. Welcome ((Conny)) I'm so sorry for all that you have gone through. This site is so supportive, and you can talk about what you feel most comfortable about. Take care of yourself. ((hugs)) Kelsie
  3. Kelsie

    Umm Hi?

    ((Nene)) I'm so sorry you for what you have gone through. This is a wonderful place, so make yourself at home. Love, Kelsie
  4. ((Samantha)) I'm so sorry for what happened to you. This is a wonderful supportive place that you can talk about anything. You can email me at kc_agent99@yahoo.com if you ever need someone to talk to. Love, Kelsie
  5. Welcome CharmedQuark, I'm sorry for all the terrible stuff you've gone through. It's good that you found this wonderful place, and I'm sure that you will find it very helpful. I don't know about everyone, but I have a lot of trouble in communicating with people, and know that my brother has too.. Some of our first memories were also of being abused by our ex-uncle. So glad to have you here, and make yourself at home. :yes: Kelsie
  6. Welcome ((mouse)), Never call yourself just mouse! Call yourself Mousemaid Mariel(a warrior mouse-ette from a book called Redwall my brother read). The very fact that you actually have written into this forum, you have, at least in part faced up to your pain, and makes you a warrior. :b: Here part of a review done on Mousemaid Mariel. Heaved off her ship in a pirate raid, Mousemaid Mariel is washed up on the shores of Mossflower. With no idea where she is, or indeed who she is, the young warrior mouse embarks on an unforeseen adventure that will take her to the very heart of Redwall and into the arms of the people who live there. Just thought you might like this. Love, Kelsie
  7. Kelsie

    Hello to all!

    Hi ((NFL)), Welcome to the forum. I am so glad that you are getting over your childhood abuse and away from an abusive marriage, and have found such a loving and caring husband. Welcome Bob, I'm glad that you are so supportive to your wife when she needs you the most. Kelsie
  8. Thanks ever so much for all your wonderful responses. Yes, my mother is incredibly supportive, and has been one of the main ones trying to stop Ted(the perp), and it looks as if that could be soon. This forum is great, I can't wait to get to know all of you better. :b: Kelsie
  9. Hi, my mother found this forum a while ago and I have finally gotten the courage up to write in. I'm nearly 17, homeschooled, and now live in Washington with my parents and brother. I was abused by my ex-uncle for many years; my family was also abused by him. After we moved up here I stopped working at remembering much, not good... soon I started to become anorexic, fortunately my mother noticed this and talked to me about it. I'm doing much better in that area now. Oh, and if anyone wants the perp's social security number you're welcome to it. Kelsie [Edited on 3-26-2004 by Kelsie]
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