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  1. Amongst all the dross the lies and the greed, there are so many things you just wouldn't believe... 

  2. What's wrong with wanting to be a Fighter Pilot anyway??..

  3. I was set up in 2006 by a female perpetrator to be abused, stolen from and made morbidly obese all so the female perpetrator could feel better about herself and so that she could lose some weight. I'm not quite sure how to define selfish by someone who 'uses' another person as a 'fag powered vibrator' in order to sexually satisfy ones self and to have an orgasm, Jesus!. C. would make me sexually abuse myself between its legs in order for it to 'cum'. I was black mailed by the fact that my Policeman father would find out that I was in trouble with illegal substances, I couldn't go home and ask for help, I was only 16, I didn't know any better. I was terrified. I was saw 'J' outside C's house in early 1999, it said "Oh there's the nutter who's threatening court action, because Claire, because he's schizophrenic because he took some drugs!". Then in August 2010, the very same person walked into my bedroom after letting it's self into my flat with a key, sexually assaulted me before walking out again. I have yet to find out how J stopped me from telling the Police but I was on the phone to the Police. I was 10 stone whilst at college in 2004. I was 18 stone after being abused by J for 4 years in 2010. All because C hasn't got the brain to keep its vagina to its self. I have yet to find out how over weight C did become. Apparently C would have died a super-morbidly over weight obese person of half a ton due the abuse she subjected me to, if it wasn't for the fact that they went onto mistreat me even worse. I am now obsessed with weight lose and healthy eating. I was never over weight growing up and didn't have to worry about what I ate. Now thanks to C and J, worrying about my weight is about all I do. I feel ill all of the time and am physically scarred and disfigured from the abuse I suffered at the hands of J in that flat. I haven't been able to go to the beach since 2006. My mind is a total mess, I'm completely paranoid and hear voices. I'm too scared to go outside the front door. C actually gets off on abusing me and find its funny.
  4. A dirty old man was abusing me!...

  5. Stephenjames

    Verbal abuse..

    I am really upset to realise that it has been 19 years since I moved to 8 The Glen, the day Claire G. deliberately and knowingly caused my brain serious harm because she was 'getting high' if you ever. I have been fighting Claire G. off 24 hours a day for 19 years and I'm bloody exhausted. I have just one goal in mind, to put Claire G. and all those involved in prison for sexual abuse. I didn't even know that I was being used a something to laugh at. I didn't have the slightest clue that my sister, Claire G. and her friends and social workers not to mention my own father were situated in the flat behind my bedroom wall screaming at the tops of there voices (or with loud speakers), verbally abusing me. They did it to set up a child pornography scam on a Compaq Presario Laptop that my sister made me buy to try and discredit my claim that I had been horrifically sexually abused by Claire G. aged 16 in a flat set up by my father and Stephen Blair. Their goal in doing so was to prevent me from having children which would upset my abusive sister. Pain shot through my temple like you would not believe, the depression that followed was heart breaking, to the point that my blood boiled. Claire G. said to me in Selina Moores car on the morning of my 23rd birthday outside 8 The Glen, "wot's your room like", insinuating that I had 'really' wanted to perform oral sex on Claire G. I really didn't. I was screamed at and made to go around to Claire G's flat to be sexually abused. I didn't want to have sex with Claire G. I just wanted to ask my parents help with being poisoned with LSD at Ben Peppers house. I had never had consensual sex with anyone, I was 16 years old, I was supposed to go to College (even tho that was another set up by my sister to humiliate me and to stop me from getting a job). I didn't want to perform oral sex on Claire G, I didn't want to go near her or have anything to do with Clare G. The upset that my father caused that morning is beyond comprehension. he said to me in sarcastic tones "Claire is 'cuming' is that a problem?" I felt sick to my back teeth. I was expecting my father to put Claire G and my sister in prison. Not to have something to do with the abuse itself. My head span and I felt ill. I don't know if the problem is OCD or something else to do with my brain. I just knew that I had to put Claire G in prison to stop the pain from happening. Easier said than done, and now 19 years of my life have passed by (19 years that I could have been out working) and all I have done is waste my time trying to get help. It was my parents new home, where I live. My sister lived elsewhere it had nothing to do with her and absolutely nothing to do with Claire G. I was so bloody angry at my father for allowing Claire G to come to my house. The betrayal makes my skin crawl and my stomach sick. I thought he would have been on my side. How wrong I was. Every dinner time around 18:30pm they scream there heads off from the flat next door to 8 The Glen, I can't quite hear what they are saying it like a white noise of screaming. The stress that it causes to my nerves is really painful and makes me feel ill. I have tried to involve the Police to try and stop them from doing it. I guess I will have to take matters in my own hands. In around 1999/2000 they were screaming through my bedroom walls all kind of threats and abuse, death threats and insults to try and get me to masturbate over child pornography to try and make Claire G feel better and to stop me from having children as I grew older. It was set up by Claire G and Stephen Blair (a child protection officer if you ever!) in 1998 when I was 22. They made me study and take exams at a college in basic computer study to try and entice me into the world of computer and child pornography in order for Claire G to try and save her job. I have been told she works with children. I have been told that they would threaten to force paracetamol down my throat if I didn't masturbate over Child Pornography to make Claire G 'feel better'. I now live in constant fear and ill health. I am afraid to go outside my front door. Life is one big nerve wrecking nightmare. I don't know when the screaming started but I am told that my sister whom I thought was in New Zealand was infact behind my bedroom wall screaming at me to masturbate over child pornography in order that only 'she' would have children and that she would remain Queen 'shit'. I now live in constant fear in my own home. it's not safe to be in my own home. I am afraid to go outside. I never know when the screaming is going to start again or whom is behind my bedroom wall verbally abusing me. I have pleaded with my parents to try and make it stop but they just lie to me. Apparently the Child Pornography scam was Claire G's idea. A sort of 'cure all' for the crimes she had committed against me when I was 16/17. Show me up as a paedophile to try and stop Claire G and my sister from going to prison. Apparently Claire G 'got over' me turning my head around in Selina Moore's car on the 16th December 1998 by screaming at me to throw out all my possessions. I have yet to get over being made to answer Claire G's question of "wots your room like?". It is my bedroom, it could have been a fresh start for me, I could have been in recovery. Now I just suffer from anxiety and depression. I have been told it's what you can prove in court that matters. How do I prove that Claire G was sexually abusing me? I now have to stop the abusive idiots who are screaming at me every dinner time from Flat 6A, its really getting beyond a joke. To make matters worse members of Claire G's family have moved into the house the other side of 8 The Glen. This really has to stop. Full stop.
  6. I'm being verbally abused by a female perpetrator...

    1. Bluesclues


      Safe hugs. Is there anything you can immediately do about it? That's so scary!

    2. Stephenjames


      Thank you @Bluesclues ((((safe hugs)))) Just need to get the Police to help me..

    3. Bluesclues


      I hope they do their jobs well. 

  7. I wanted my first kiss to be with Laura S. a really pretty girl at my school whom I fell in love with when I was 12. Instead I was set up by the social services and my abusive sister and carted off to France to be supervised by and forced to have a public snog against my will with an older girl who suited my sister which was abuse. I didn't fancy Belinda G. and if you think I sound ungrateful there was no need for it. Belinda G. wasn't my cup of tea. I wasn't allowed a life of my own, everything I did had to 'arranged' by my Policeman father and social services so that my abusive sister could have a good laugh at me. I wasn't even allowed to lose my virginity. I had to be repeatedly buggered by a friend of my sister's when I was 14. Apparently to stop me from joining the Army?? Everything was pre-arranged by my sister. She's a scheming sewer rat.. I wasn't allowed to go to college, I wasn't even allowed to do my GCSE's at school. I wasn't allowed to get a job.. My father & sister are very controlling... I should have left home 23 years ago.. I'm now 41 and I'm too scared to go outside the front door... When I was 16, I was drugged and "forced to sexually abuse myself to stop my sister from committing suicide"... I have spent the part 19 years trying to get Claire G. out of my brain...everyday is an endless chore... I get screamed at through the walls by abusive neighbours, members of Claire G.'s family if you ever... I need help from the Police. A first kiss should be something done in private by two people who might actually be able stand one another... not something for you sister to laugh at. Not something 'pre-arranged' and 'paid-for-in-advance' by the social services... I need to sue the social services in the crown court. I really fancied Laura S. too... Claire G. has to be put in prison for sexual abuse. My home should be somewhere 'safe' & 'private' not a play thing for the mentally ill... My body shouldn't be violated by Claire G. Claire G. is sick in the brain indeed... her child pornography scam needs to be investigated by the Police... 10th January 1994, Goodrington Beach. I was set apon by Stephen Blair's Toilet Dweller and now I'm seriously mentally ill... there was no need for it.. Stephen Blair needs to be arrested.. I was only 18. 29th October 1996, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. I was set apon by Stephen Blair's Toilet Dweller and I'm even more seriously ill... there was no need for it.. I could have been at home in recovery getting well after not being able to breath after Jamie Conway 'arranged' for me to be sexually assaulted by Melanie Neave... 21 years later and I still haven't recovered... just need to put Clair G. in prison for sexual abuse... Claire G. in prison for sexual abuse is the release mechanism for my brain.. I have to prove it in the Crown Court... 16th December 1998.. I was set apon by Claire G. in Selina Moore's car... I didn't want to answer... the pain shot across my left temple and I felt really dirty and began to panic... that was 19 years ago and I'm still trying to stop the pain in my head... I really need a Law Degree... I can't seem to remember the date in January 2001 on Bridgetownhill Totnes... they said I had been raped by the diseased turd... the diseased turd has to be put in prison for multiple counts of rape... I don't even know what Claire's current surname is... Melanie Graham gets cheap thrills out of verbally abusing me... September 2002, a petrol station near Bristol, after a Beth Orton concert.. I was set apon by Stephen Blair's Toilet dweller.. I ended up having a nervous breakdown and being sectioned in a mental hospital for 3 months.. they had set me up... just because I wanted to go cycling to lose some weight after being raped by the diseased turd when I was 17 in the summer of 1993.. there was no need for it... I need to sue the mental health services... I need a Law Degree... June 2006 I was set up... but by whom?? I was made to live in a flat next door to someone who had something to do with Claire G. August 2010 the very same person sexually assaulted me in my bedroom... It was a really gross fat old homosexual... it used to masturbate in my bed whenever I went out... apparently unbeknown to me it had a key to my flat.. I was the one who was left homeless... John barker needs to be put in prison for sexual assault and ABH... I need a Law Degree... I guess it's what I can prove in the Crown Court... I really need a Law Degree... Claire G. really needs to be put in prison for sexual abuse... I hope they give her 30 years...
  8. I'm out of my mind with worry.... :( 

  9. I hope someone hears me...

  10. What's wrong with joining the RAF anyway??...

    1. Annie7


      it's hard to be a man when there's a gun in your hand... ;( 

      nothing is wrong with it 

  11. Wish the Guy family would leave me alone!....

  12. Claire (surname?) is a danger to me...

  13. Any news on the chat room? What became of 'Go fund me'?..

  14. I pray to Jesus for forgiveness...

  15. Through adversity to the stars...

    1. LuthienTinuviel


      a flower blooms in adversity

    2. Stephenjames


      Very true, very nice

  16. When it's darkest, men see the stars

    1. Stephenjames


      Good point, but it wasn't meant to be sexist.


    2. LuthienTinuviel


      i didnt see it as sexist :) it is very poetic 

    3. Annie7


      LT you are quite amusing to me 

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  17. Claire (Surname?) is a Paedo, I was under-age and I am very angry about it. She defiled my body, mind, brain and spirit with it's diseased brain. Claire (Surname?) needs to be put in prison for the rest of it's unnatural defiled life...
  18. Stephenjames

    Very angry..

    Really angry and upset today. Relatives of sex offender/sexual abuser 'C' harassing and verbally abusing me in my local supermarket. Relatives of 'C' shouting and verbally through the walls of my bedroom, relatives of 'C' living on property next to my parents house verbally abusing and shouting at me. Can't seem to escape 'C', have been suffering it now for 25 years. 'C' arranged for me to be raped in my bedroom aged 17 which made me very ill both physically and mentally. 'C' is facing 10 years in prison for a child pornography scam that she set up to try and put me in prison for. 'C' sexually abused me for 8 months when I was a 16 year old, they did something to my brain with LSD so that I couldn't fight back or fight 'C' off. 'C' used to hang around my school hall when I was a 15 year old and stare at my genitals and laugh. 'C' had planned the poisoning and sexual abuse out months in advance. I need to sit a Law Degree to fathom out how to put 'C' in prison.
  19. Been off work now for 25 years... the doctors still won't tell me what is wrong with me...

  20. I want to be a Pilot....

    1. Dahliaa


      I hope you get to do just that!

    2. Stephenjames


      Thank you greatly @Dahliaa very kind you!

  21. My life was taken away from me for the sake of entertainment...

    1. Stephenjames


      Sorry @Bluesclues that you also feel abused in such a way. Safe hugs @LuthienTinuviel 

    2. Bluesclues


      Thank you, it's life, what can you do? Hugs to you. 

    3. Stephenjames


      Thank you @Bluesclues safe (((((hugs)))))

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  22. I was repeatedly sexually abused by a Tourette R*pist...  now I'm ill :( 

    1. oceonwaves


      you are welcome and I wish and hope you can find your way through this minefield pain.

    2. Stephenjames


      Thank you @oceonwaves, wishing you well. Hope you find peace also! :) 

    3. oceonwaves


      and PEACE back to you.

      I am sure you know this song, she is an amazing performer

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  23. I wish they would give my nerves a break...

  24. Through adversity to the stars...

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