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  1. HI, im a newbie and i think this is a great idea. when im in chat i sometimes i feel like im sayin the wrong thing and maybe this could help the other member not take as much offence, seeing that im only starting of. and alot of the abbrv i dont get and feel stupid askin, so it could help there to.
  2. Nino

    Hi Im New.

    Hi Dragon Thank you for welcoming me. I see you like tatoos im a fanatic aswell.If the profile picture is one you've got it is rapid. And thanks for the hugs, some back if thats okay. Nino
  3. Hi everyone Im new to all of this, not really sure what to say. I'm a very shy and quiet person. Nino.
  4. Nino


    hi but wat about if you are so scared you dont leave your house , ya cant leave your house, how do you make the nxt step. wen do you start trusting people stop feeling uncom,fortable and hating yourself. nino
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