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  1. Hello! I am new too and feel as you do about a place to express these feelings. It is very difficult. I also feel great sorrow that any have had to suffer this devastating crime! I hope you can connect here and share your burden!
  2. Hello Lisa! I am new here also and it is good that you are here. A support group does sound good and hopefully we have found one in this forum. Sending you beautiful thoughts!
  3. Hello Tink! It is good that you found this "place to be." I have just joined and hope also to be able to speak about this pain and get my life back. I wish you beauty today!
  4. abbyann


    Hello Dee! I am new also but when you mentioned confusion over what happened to you I felt your pain. Being violated this way does affect us in every way! I guess we must try to express these confusing feelings but it is difficult for me also. You are in my thoughts Dee!
  5. Thank you for your kind words. I have felt so alone since my attack even though I have the gift of family and friends. How do I reconcile what happened to me into my life without sinking into to denial? Saying that I am fine to shelter my husband and children is not working and expressing this pain is impossible! I want my life before this happened back!
  6. abbyann


    Hello LilBit! It is difficult to speak about these feelings and admit how much we are hurting. Since my attack I have not been able to see any male doctors and any counselor would have to be female also. I used to go to a male doctor but I cannot now. This crime effects so much of our lives. I am new here also and hope that you find solace here and know that we are not alone.
  7. Hello Mari! I am new here and hurting also and hope like you to find those here who can relate to our particular pain. This experience has changed our lives and it is so difficult to speak of it. You mentioned this same reticence to open up and that you didn't want anyone to find out. I hope that you can tell someone about your suffering and that your burden will be shared. I am thinking of you Mari and hoping for beauty in your life today!
  8. abbyann


    Hello Kegulneq from another newbie! You expressed it well when you spoke of your fear of opening up to friends about your true feelings. I have lost a close friend over this also because she had never seen me fearful and hurting like this and she said that she couldn't handle it now. We were close for years and she decided I wasn't good for her right now! I would not have done this to her and I do not want to isolate over it- I do not think that you will either. You said that you want to have friends and maybe you and I will find true friends now- those special ones that stand by us when
  9. I am so grateful to have found this forum and the brave and beautiful souls here willing to share their suffering and encouragement. My life has been forever changed since the attack and I do not feel the same about myself or the world around me! I know that I still have a loving husband and children and our beautiful farm but I have never felt so low! This crime violates to the core and I am struggling to heal physically and emotionally. Is there hope to ever feel safe and joyful as before? My beautiful life is shattered.
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