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  1. LilBit


    thanks everyone... i did end up going..
  2. LilBit


    now ive gone and really messed up.... i canceled my appt for tomorrow ... i just dont want to waste his time.. but sometimes just going to his office is the only thing that gets me through.. why do i always do this to myself......
  3. LilBit


    Hi :0) how are you...? nice to meet ya...
  4. LilBit


    i wish even i knew what was bothering me but i dont... i have no clue... most of the time i just dont care and i want to die... i mean i have a son and im happily married what more could i want... but something doesnt allow me to be happy... i love them so much and i fight for them i live for them but i just want to give up.. i feel they would be so much better off if i was gone... i know that sounds stupid but tell my brain that.... it wont listen to me.... ive attempted it serveral times before i relise what ive done its like i do it with out knowing.. that prolly sounds so stupid and ur li
  5. LilBit


    thanks everyone... i have therapy in 2 days and i have no idea what to do ..
  6. LilBit


    thanks... hopefuly this time i can get more into this... something has to change i cant keep going like this....
  7. LilBit


    Im not new as in a new member ive been here for a while just only posted a few times... im not big on talking... but i want to start... ok rephrase that i NEED to start... i think my therapist is getting annoyed with me altho he says he's not ... i know im annoyed with me.. i just try to talk but nothing comes out.. i feel like i fail at therapy... and life but thats a different subject... so i guess i just am looking for help.. or something.. idk... im so lost...........
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