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  1. Kegulneq


    Sharyn, I totally know what you mean. Its so hard to find people who you can trust. I have tried so many times and it seems like everytime I find someone once i tell my story thats it. They just stop talking to me. I'm too much for them or they dont believe me. Its so frustrating and each time it happens it gets even harder to find a new friend. I am constantly telling my therapist that I just want to live a normal life. And she always asks me that. What is a normal life? A normal life would be not being afraid all the time. Not having nightmares every night. Not being an adult who
  2. Kegulneq


    Hi. I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My screen name Kegulneq means "wolf" in Inuit. A beautiful creature who has strong instincts. Is loyal to their family to the end but is misjudged by others often. This is me. I'm a little nervous about this whole message board thing but someone I trust thinks it will help me if I can find others who have gone through what I have so I have someone to relate to. So... I'm giving it a shot. I hope that I will find acceptance here and not judgement but only time will tell I guess. But I have high hopes as I know this community is fil
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