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  1. Welcome to A.S. and I hope you find the feeling of friendship and safety that I have known here for a long time now. Glad to have you here! Jeannie Survivor!
  2. Found a new website for depression that looks real good! Jeannie
  3. YOU put up the wall! YOU deal with it now! Jeannie
  4. Welcome! I live in the Great White West! Out here in Utah there is nothing but white! Five months of it. I hope you feel comfortable and safe here. A.S. is a wonderful and friendly place to call home. Jeannie
  5. Hello! and WELCOME to A.S. Jeannie
  6. Yes, I remember you. I wondered.......and I do hope the surgery went well and you are mending. Glad to see you are back. Jeannie
  7. I sat down and wrote to a couple of long lost friends. It made me feel good and I hope to hear from them! Jeannie
  8. Hi and Welcome! This forum has been a great help to me. I hope you feel comfortable here. Jeannie
  9. Hello Adam. My name is Jeannie and welcome to AS. This has been a good place to come and let it all out for me. I have healed a lot. I hope you find the same.
  10. I was up until 3am this morning so I qualify as a night owl! WELCOME! Jeannie
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