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  1. Welcome to AS. Everyone is very supportive here ~Abby
  2. Hi, welcome to AS. This is a very safe place for you to be, you'll find lots of support here. ~Abby
  3. Hi, welcome to AS. poetry is a great outlet for your emotions, when you're ready, you can post some under the 'healing through creativity' forum. I have poetry posted there, it took me a few weeks before I felt comfortable enough to post but the comments I received were very uplifting. ~Abby
  4. abbywil83


    Hi, I'm glad you deciced to join AS. I'm sorry for what happened that brought you here but you will find lots of caring people here who only want to help. ~Abby
  5. Hi Leah, Fb is nothing like this place. I've been gone for a while aslo. Really miss my friends. Anyway, glad you're back.
  6. Hi and welcome to AS. ~Abby
  7. Hi and welcome to AS. I'm a night owl also, I have given up trying to sleep at night. ~Abby
  8. Hi and welcome to AS. ~Abby
  9. Hi and welcome to AS. It's safe here, people will support you. ~abby
  10. Hi Sam, welcome to AS. I hope you feel safe here. ~Abby
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