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  1. Hey Everyone.

    Welcome to AS. I hope that you find what you need and want from this forum. I am also a student social worker...so I can say with surety that I will not hate you for it Take good care.
  2. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    This was a really godd idea...it's good to get these off my mind. My best friend when i saw my attacker : "Your crazy, that proabably wasn't him" and then "It's no big deal, just forget about it" Jeez to bad i hadn't thought of that, i only wish i could just forget about it...and as if i already don't feel craxy enough. My best Friend after i finished my LAST seesion with my T: When i called and asked to talk "sorry i am eating pizza right now...oh by the way guess what ...then she just started asking me advice on what to say to the a guy that liked her! She had time to talk about her life tho... Then just when i thought she was starting to understand she began talking about getting raped and how she would let it happen cuz it's no big deal Not sure shat happened to the girl i thought would always be there for me...?? Thanks for the opputunity to share... Forever Lost