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  1. Welcome to AS. I hope that you find what you need and want from this forum. I am also a student social worker...so I can say with surety that I will not hate you for it Take good care.
  2. This was a really godd idea...it's good to get these off my mind. My best friend when i saw my attacker : "Your crazy, that proabably wasn't him" and then "It's no big deal, just forget about it" Jeez to bad i hadn't thought of that, i only wish i could just forget about it...and as if i already don't feel craxy enough. My best Friend after i finished my LAST seesion with my T: When i called and asked to talk "sorry i am eating pizza right now...oh by the way guess what ...then she just started asking me advice on what to say to the a guy that liked her! She had time to talk about her
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