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  1. "But the doctor said that your hymen was still intact!", insisted my mother, as I reminded her of my ER visit for cuts inside my vagina by my brother (7 yrs older than me). She said that as if that would be a comfort to me. She's funny, NOT!
  2. Welcome to AS. I am a survivor of sibling incest as well. Take care - Jasmine
  3. Hi there! Welcome. I have found this board to be a very useful caring support for me.
  4. Welcome to After Silence!
  5. 1)The infamous, what's your favorite color? Purple 2) What's your favorite animal? Cat 3) If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would you want to meet? I would like to meet my mother's mother (she died before I was born) 4) If you could turn into any animal for a day, what animal would you turn into and what would you do? Cat - Sleep! 5) If you could have any job what would it be? Teacher 6) If you could be any age for the rest of your life, what age would you want to be? 21 is a good age (as long as I don't have to relive that actual time of my life over and over again) 7) What's your favorite smiley? 8) Are you an early bird or a night owl? early bird (but if my sleep pattern is off then I can be both) 9) What's your favorite holiday? Any of the holidays where I get time off from work 10) If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing with you, what would you bring? Fresh water (If I could have two things then I pick fresh water and food! LOL) ... Maybe it would be good to have my husband because I think he is better at the whole survival thing and he could help me find the fresh water and food. 11) What's your favorite food? stir-fry 12) If you could spend one day doing anything you wanted to, no matter how much it cost or anything, how would you spend that day? One day vacation (ALL expenses paid!) with my family in London 13) If you could be an actor/actress in any movie, what movie would you want to be in? Star Trek next generation movie 14) If you could have your hair any color, what color would it be? Alburn 15) What's your favorite sport to watch? sumo wrestling (LOL - honestly, I am not much a sports fan) 16) What's your favorite sport to play? swimming
  6. I got a good night sleep last night. It had been awhile and I feel a little better just from the sleep. Thank you all so much for your kind welcome. I really like what I have been reading on the message base. I also like this message base because you can personalize the message to fit your personality. The intake appointment went well. Even though we were just discussing basic information so the therapist could understand why I was there, I still felt a little better. It is nice to have a safe place to unload. I am getting that same feeling from this message board. Thanks again!
  7. I can't sleep. Lately my sleep pattern has been like this. I have found a sexual assult center in my community and I have an intake appointment tomorrow after work. Just when I thought I was over all of this, here I am again. I am a survivor of sibling sexual abuse. The abuser is my brother that is 8 years older than me. I feel like I spent most of my early 20s in therapy but all those feels never really went away. I tried denial but that only works for so long. Money has been my main issue for not seeing a therapist sooner. The services I am seeking are free so I will check them out. I can't continue on in isolation and I feel like I have so much pinned up inside of me. I have over prepared for tomorrow's appointment. Writing down every question I can think of. I even made a list of goals. I have a question: Does child sexual abuse leave the survivor with chronic reprocutions that sometimes sprout into acute episodes of painful grief? I hope I phrased that correctly. I feel like that has been my life ever since I realized what happen to my was not normal. Thank you for this lovely message board - Jasmine
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