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  1. Welcome to AS Cathleen! I am happy you have found us. Share your story when you are ready! *Dragonwings*
  2. Welcome to AS! I am glad you have found your way here to us. Take your time and share when you are ready. I hope you will find strength in the love and support we have to offer here. *Dragonwings*
  3. You have come to the right place for support sweetie! Welcome to AS! *Dragonwings*
  4. Welcome to AS! I am glad you have found us and I hope you will be able to take strength in knowing that you are not alone! *Dragonwings*
  5. Welcome to AS Sassy! I hope you will find the support and encouragement here that is in abundance! Stay strong and seek comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. *Dragonwings*
  6. Welcome to AS - share your story when (and if) you are ready. I am so glad you have found your way to us. *dragonwings*
  7. Hi Julie! I LOVE the beatles!!! I am so happy you have found your way here to us but I am sorry that you were given reason to seek us out! Warm welcomes!!!!! *dragonwings*
  8. welcome to AS sweetie, I am so sorry for all that you have been through! *dragonwings*
  9. Welcome to AS dancer, I am happy that you have come to join us and terribly sad that you have reason too. Welcome aboard! Take your time and share your own experiences when you are ready hon! *dragonwings*
  10. Thank you all for your warm welcomes, I am so glad to have found you all! In reply to loving_you - SC is lovely, I have been here about 5 months and I love it!
  11. welcome to AS I know you are feeling frightened right now, take comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone and there IS light to be found amidst your darkness. You are no longer a victim, you are a survivor! Lots of Love Dragonwings
  12. Welcome Fern! First off, I want to say that you are an amazingly strong woman to have been able to support your bestfriend through her own struggle. It is a horrible truth that things like this can happen over and over again and we can only be grateful to have friends who will guide us out of our darkness. It has been seven years since my attack. Everyday I feel differently. Some days are easier then others but even after seven years, I still have very bad days. I don't think rape is something that we can ever entirely "recover" from or "come to terms" with. None of us deserve this and I am certain every one of us would like to be able to turn back time and change it but unfortunately we cannot. We must continue on with our lives and find strength in our pain. It is ok to feel bad. It was a vital part of my healing that I accept my bad days along with my good. I wish there were something I could say to make things better for you, but I know there are no words in this world that can undo what has been done to you - just know that you are not alone and when you need a friendly ear to listen, I will be here.
  13. Welcome to the board! Take your time and do what feels right; just know we are here when you need us!
  14. Hello everyone! I am a 23 y/o female living in SC, USA. I am so happy to have found this community. I was raped seven years ago and I am still surviving. I have never sought therapy or pressed charges against my rapist. I try to view myself as a survivor instead of a victim. I am here to offer support to anyone who needs it! I hope to get to know you guys better! Thanks so much for having me!
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