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    xLittleOneFernx@hotmail.co.uk .. I dont post often but when i did this site & the people envolved did wonders for me in my time of need. Anyone who would like to chat get in contact with me via this email addresss ^ x X x

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  1. ... Thought i'd stop by while i had a quick moment.. sorry its been so long everyone.. i hope you are all okay and well ... and esp melissa. its been a while babygirl and i miss you.. i hope you are okay and happy if you get the chance to read this! For all you newbies, my name is fern.. and iv been registerd here.. well.. muist be just over a year i suppose.. im not to sure. i have a memory like a seive haha and im 14, and proud survivor of sexual abuse. ... Just a little update.. i got my funding for college and am now 3 months into my GCSE corse.. its going well and i am getting A's here there and everywere! Which is always a good thing. I havnt cut myself in over 10 months and the bulimia, well. Its getting there. Iv met someone whos absoloutly amazing, and although thats a little more complicated than i would like.. im happy for the moment. Hes an amazing person.. who i trust dearly.. and has restored my faith in men My mum is alot better now.. and it was her one year anniversary with her boyfriend bonfirenight. Shes very happy and im happy for her. .. its coming up a year since my dad left now.. i think... maybe even longer.. time seems to be flying atm.. maybe im getting a little left behind... but im doing amazing now.. and i know i couldnt have got this far without the support from AS .. ritght back all those months ago.. when you all helped tp pcik me back up off my feet. your all such amazing peo-pel and i hope you are all doing well and coping okay. Love you all, sooo much! and will try and get online again real soon. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  2. HEY glad to see your back .... see ya around hun x
  3. Hey, Welcome to AS .. Hope your okay ! :D:D::D:D:D :hug:
  4. hey hun, welcoe to AS pm me aytime x
  5. heya hun! ... welcome to AS, post when your ready and were all here if ya need us! .. pm me anytime x x x xx
  6. Sweetie. You are a survivor .. i wouldnt resent you at all, whether you were any different in any way, no matter how. ... Welcome to AS .. pm if you need me at any point xxxxxxx or just for a chat:P
  7. hey! .. welcome to AS! xxxxxxx
  8. Hey! :D .. i dont know whether you were still around when i joned... anyways im Fern :D:D welcome back hunnie xxxxx
  9. Well i think your doing amaizngly well already hun, keep going! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :hug: welcome to AS sweetie x
  10. Heyyyyy! .. welcome to AS darlin! xxxxxxx
  11. heya sweetie, welcome to AS! if you need anything you can just pm me.. and very sorry to here of your past.. but we can all assist you on your way to healing everyones really nice here .. xxx
  12. i agree, it is not as easy as just getting anew T, it takes time to build up that confidence and trust ( if you do need to talk.. we are all here.. Im so very sorry about your past, its hard i know xxxxx pm me anytime
  13. Lela.. ( gorgeous name btw!)... Just introdoucing yoruself takes corouge.. and that is a step forward. Wel all understand, relate.. and are easy to talk to. Feel no pressure to talk just update us on how ya feeling everynow and then if you want:) .. we dont judge people here .... im so sorry of how you have been treated in your life darlin, you didnt deserve to be treated that way.. and you seem like an amazing person just from the sounds of your post. Being honest and accepting is a great quality to have, you also seem very positive.. xxxxxxxxxxxx pm me when ever you may need to talk x Fern :D
  14. whooo another newbie :D loves it .. welcome to AS darlin.. if ya ever need to talk just pm xxxxxxxx
  15. Welcome to AS sweetie Pm me if you need anything hun .. love ya x
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