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  1. Know that you are not weak. You are human and you have been hurt. What happened to you is not simple. I hate to say it's something that can never be gotten over. I hate it with a passion when someone says "Why can't you get over it." or "Just get over it." To be honest, no one in their right mind can. The most we can do is learn to cope with it and find a distraction. There will be times those emotions will take over. This does not make you weak. I would not consider you disturbed either. You have the right to cry. You have the right to be sad, upset, and angry. Sometimes I do find it hard to cry. I can't explain it. Sometimes I feel emotionally numb because it's how my body blocks out anymore hurt or pain. Yes others may think badly.... I just found that out because those people are insane and like to attack those who are injured then make people like us seem unfit or crazy. This is my extended family I speak of. They are trying to find ways to take my child because of their own greed. These are those people who harm us. Those who actually care will understand or try to understand. I hope I don't make you feel bad by saying so. If you do end up crying in front of others you don't have to tell them anything. You could just say you have a lot on your mind. I've done this a few times and for some people I have spilled my guts out to, but those are the people who I trust with certain information. Others I just tell them I have a lot on my mind and that I'll be ok as time goes on. I wish the best for you and that you will continue to heal. Also know that just because you are a man, it does not mean you can't cry. Men have emotions too.
  2. Nothing much is on my mind other than me feeling like reaching out to help someone.

  3. I am so glad you have join AS. We are here to help you in your healing process. We do understand and will never judge. It's not your fault. It can be hard at first to start the healing process, but it is well worth it.
  4. Welcome back. Today I have also returned after several years. Seems the forum has changed a lot. To be honest. I don't remember anyone as I rarely posted. I am looking forward to finding friends though.
  5. Hi everyone! It's been a while. I use to come here a lot several years ago. I wanted to stop by and see what's new and maybe offer support as well as gain support. It's good to know there are wonderful caring people in this world.
  6. Wow I didn't know that I have been an old member since 2005. That's really cool. I should stop by more often to say hi to everyone.
  7. Hi everyone. I am back. I have not been visiting the site much lately. I do think about all of you often and all of the new members who join. I will never forget that these forums have helped me to coop with hard times. Times are still tough, but much better than it use to be. How is everyone doing today?
  8. I agree with everyone here. I too am accepting because it is no one's fault other than the one who inflected the abused on the victim. I too have been through alot. It was hard to break free from what was so familar to me. I was scared of what the world had to offer. I did not know what to expect. You should not be ashamed because you did not do it to yourself. The one who abused you should be ashamed. I care because I have a big heart. I have nothing but love to give. I do not, how ever give love to those who inflect abuse. I am angry. I am very very angry right now. I am still caught in the middle, but I will conquer the demon. I have had no control for my whole life, but I am gaining my control and am working on controling my demon. I will talk about my stories later. BTW I'm 22 years old. Right now I'm in school and class is starting again.
  9. hi everyoneszero. Welcome to the after silence. I'm sorry that this has happened to you. I'm glad you spoke up.
  10. Hello everyone. It's been sooooooo.... long since I've been on these forums. I checked my old messages. It dates back in sept 2005. I am still trying to recover because I just recently broke free from the bad environment. Two nights ago I could not sleep because of my repressed memories. The more I think about it, the more angry and sad I get. It hurts. I guess for the first 19 years of my life I was practically numbed from my true feelings. I had no voice for such a long time. I have gone for therapy, have not been in it for a few months now. I'm seeking for another place to go for group therapy. I can't sleep because of my lost childhood. I am 22 years old right now. For my first 19 years of life I was abused sexually, emotionally, mentally, and financially. I just finally broke free of my dad's house one and a half weeks ago. I'm in school. My class just started I will post later. Send a message if you want or post a reply. I will be opened about what went on if you would like to know.
  11. Thank you everyone. I have alot to be looking forward to. I might need some support for it though. This seems to be an awsome website. Right now I've been busting my butt trying to clean the house after comeing home from work. Not like anyone else is gonna do it because I'm the only girl in the house. Therefore I am labeled House Wife. I guess.. No I'm not a wife I'm 19 years old. I live in virginia. Currently just got employeed....FINALLY!... at the PHS. It's a humane society. I've volenteered for 2 other days no pay. Today is my first day of pay. I hope. Imma try to make this place one of my online hide outs. I guess when I'm at work at the humane society that will be like a place for me to just get away. I love it there. The people are nice. The animals are not always nice but they do have alot of nice ones there. Ones you have to watch out for and handle a bit more aggressively. Any way. If anyone would like to know more about me or have any questions please do ask. I can be a bit open. At least I try to be.
  12. Hi all. How is everyone doing? I'm just a bit down right now. Not sure if I consider myself depressed or not. I use to draw. I'm an artist falling behind on school work. I'm an animal lover trying to bring my dream to life working with animals. It's very hard for me because I don't get much support in doing what I want to do. Just sitting here pretty much with a straight face I guess.
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