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  1. It has been quite awhile since I have been on AS. I have taken many steps to recovery, but still, some days I see the past in my future, and I fear. Some days are more difficult than others, but each day I can get through as long as I keep my head up.

  2. men they abused me, and alot of them im only 14 but have been pregnant twice, and raped almost everyday for two years when i was nine and ten, raped by a stranger, by a friend three times, my brother who is younger and my stepdad has touched me when he was drunk... I cant go anywhere near them, cant touch them, and am very afraid of them, i live with my brother and dad, and am at my moms right now with my brother and stepdad...
  3. if you are new it may be because you havent posted 25 times or more, and also the chat is temporarly closed... take care, i hope it will open soon, i really need to talk too...
  4. i havent gone to therapy yet, but should, but i know for a fact that i will have problems beggining to talk...
  5. vanish


    hi depressed i am glad that you found a site that can help with what you are going through, i am new too and so far i have learned alot and it has helped aloyt. best wishes
  6. vanish


    hi becc im vanish, and i am also new, i hope that all of your experiences or what led you here will be taken care of. Vanish
  7. Hi, My name is Amanda and i am new to this site. i was refered by a friend, and decided to see what hep i could get. i am almost 15 and i was abused for years, i will tell the rest of my story later, but for now all i would like is some support, and some help. Thanks, Amanda
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