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  1. Hi and welcome to AS. Im kinda new but it feels like home already.
  2. Hi and welcome to AS im kinda new and i love it here and if you need to talk you can PM me if you want. I hope you feel better soon.
  3. Hi im kinda new to and i went small group therapy to but it messed me up and i quit. I know about hiding stuff to.I let people think what they want about me but they dont understand me. All they see is angry and all i get is lectures about it. Anyways i know how you feel about hiding stuff cause i do it to. If you want to talk PM me and if you dont its ok. Heres some I hope you feel better soon.
  4. The chat says its closed and look at the forum but i didnt see nothing about it and i cant get in
  5. Quack


    hi im kinda new to
  6. Hi I'm new to and i like it here
  7. Quack


    Hi I'm new here to but i think i like it already
  8. Quack


    I'm new and one of my friends told me about this site and said it was good. Anyways I'm 14 and a girl and just want to say hi.
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