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  1. N00b To As

    Welcome to AS Silent Ones.
  2. Essex 1- Me 0, Time To Change That Score. Good, Funny

    for this topic. I was around 4 or 5, My grandmother was living with us, as she was not well. In the big bedroom, there was 2 double beds, my mum and I slept in one, and my aunt and grandmother slept in the other. Every night my aunt would make semolina for my grandmother as she was not eating much. My gran could never finish it, so she would say, here you are little one, you have it, but dont tell Aunty Jane. We used to giggle and have cuddles, it was lovely, I looked forward to going to bed, as I knew My Nain( welsh for grandmother ) and I would have cuddles and share her pudding.
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  4. Hi All

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  6. Essex 1- Me 0, Time To Change That Score. Good, Funny

    Its xmas, not sure how old I Was, but we walked to our local shop, that is my mum, brother and myself. We were given a box of tangerines from the shop owner, father xmas was there and we had a bar of chocolate. Then walking back home, knowing father xmas was coming that night. my brother had a train set, and I Had a talking doll called Rosebud. IT was magic, my best xmas ever thank you for this thread, hope you dont mind me sharing one of mine Catherine
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  8. Been Away

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  9. Hello

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  10. Im Back

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  11. Giving This A Try

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  12. Trying To Find Peace

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  13. I Think I'm Ready Now

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  15. Hi, Im New

    Hi Olomi, Welcome to AS, your words were the first thing I thought of, when I first came here, at last I was not on my own. I had found people who would understand things. I am so glad you found us. Love and rainbows Catherine