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  1. welcome back.((HUGS)) I too have recently realized I'm still living in abusive relationship. hurts bad to say that.
  2. theresak


    Michigan MI Assault Crisis Center 2340 E. Stadium Blvd. Ann Arbor MI 48197 313-994-1616 Big Rapids Women’s Info. Service PO Box 1074 Big Rapids, MI 49307 616-796-6692 Serving Oceola, Mecosta, & Newaygo Counties. Bay County Women’s Ctr for Rape&Assault PO Box 1458 Bay City, MI 48706 517-686-4551 Rape Counseling Ctr Detroit Police Dept. 4201 St. Antoine Detroit MI 48201 313-833-1660 Abuse and Neglect Children’s Protection Detroit, MI 48207-4825 313-396-0300 Sexual Assault Counseling of the Listening Ear 423 Albert East Lansing MI 517-337-1717 Sexua
  3. Welcome, to AS I'm 37 and am pg with my 6th.
  4. acording to my search and your post count, you have posted 3 times, all are right here in this thread. so your story didn't post for some reason. it should have right away.
  5. Welcome, I'm not from PA but very close in MI!
  6. Hello and welcome to AS. I know noone in my life understands me and what I'm dealing with, a very few try but unless you have been through this pain you can't fully understand!((best wishes))
  7. Welcome!! I too am healing leter in Life, I'm 37 and just started Therapy a few months ago, its a long hard road to healing but we will get there eventually, btw I have 4 sweet sons and a wonderful Daughter ages 12-3 yo so no grandbabies, for several more years(I hope).lol
  8. we are here when your ready hon! (((Hugs))) if ok?
  9. welcome to AS, from another survivor who happens to also be a Teresa
  10. welcome ((Barbara)))if ok?
  11. Welcome Kelli!!! I know its all scary at first.
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