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    Maryland, USA
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    I am pretty open minded.... I am interested in just about anything except "War History". I love horseback riding and reading. I try to enjoy everything and anything possible.... I have a 2year old daughter named, A'aralyn, she is by far the most interesting part of my life!!

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  1. welcome... i am also very new.. i was welcomed warmly... so as a member i am doing the same for you... everyone here understands.. and we all care... welcome and relax... we do understand!
  2. my name is Heather, i am 25 and i am new here... i found the site surfing the internet... i am a survivor of rape, physical abuse, mental abuse and emotional abuse. this is the first site that i have ever seen like this... there are a few that i have looked at but they all had people that were not there for the reason the site was created... from what i see on this site, consists of survivors and of people that care about them.... i wish the best for all of you, stay strong... we will live through it! Heather
  3. i am new here as well... and i just wanted to say i think this is a great site... i feel alone all the time.. like no one knows what i am going through... and its one of the few good feelings that i get to know that there are people that understand me... and there are other suvivors and if so many other people have gone through it and know atleast some of the terror and hate and anger and worthlessness that i feel... and have overcome it... then why cant i?! thank you to everyone here!!! Heather
  4. i just found this site this morning at about 1:00am, i cant sleep.. i was laying in bed, eyes wide open... and then "that night" started to play in my head over and over... i had to get up, had to go do something.... so i surfed the net for some "survivor sites" and this was first on google's list.... so here i am ,.... i think what everyone here is doing is an amazing thing!!! im so glad there is a place that i can go where other people can relate to what i have been through.... and to the contributing members... thank you so much for your support and care..!! Everyone here is in need of a
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