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  1. What you are feeling now is a natural reactions upon many survivors. It takes time to heal. It has taken me over 10 years to get to the point I am at now. Just take it one day at a time and remember that we all heal differently. Welcome to AS.
  2. Thank you for the wonderful support Tamara ;)
  3. I am very proud of all that I have overcome in the past year. I am finding however that writing my story is a tad difficult. Need to take it in small amounts, you know?
  4. How many times have I fallen from the net in the past 2 years? It seems like a lot when I think about it. I keep meaning to stat connected, but then get uneasy and sort of fade out. I do have some wonderful news though that I would like to share. I am also hoping to be more active and helpful in light of all of this. When I used to read through the forums about a year ago, everything was a trigger. I found it hard to offer support when I was still hurting inside. Over the past 1-2 years, I have spent a lot of time self-healing. I had started my own business, which built my self-esteem.
  5. I am sorry for whatever reason has caused you to find AS, but I also welcome you. Take all the time you need in getting settled in. I think we all hide behind a false name and that is okay. You are safe in these forums.
  6. To my fellow survivors, I hope you all are doing well. I have been ok, just in and out if you know what I mean. I had a downfall last week, which I am slowly pulling myself out of. As for my inactivity, a lot has happened. Back in april I lost my job. I left Thursday afternoons for therapy. They knew about this and yet kept asking for "doctors notes." I had explained that I do not feel comfortable with them knowing where I am going exactly and my therapist told me they had no right to know. Well, the kept hammering me, accusing me of cutting out of work early to do "fun things." They
  7. I did not forget all of you. I just got side-tracked for a few months. I am back .. sort of. Let's see .. so what all happened? I quit my therapy, i quit my job. I am just now opening my own business to the public of making vegan friendly bath & body products. I still have not finished writing my poetry collection and I still suffer from my demons and shadows .. though not nearly as much. I am glad to have found my way back.
  8. i made a peanut butter sandwich and a nice, big cup of tea.
  9. kyva

    A Survivor

    are always welcome ;)
  10. kyva

    A Survivor

    I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind welcome and wonderful words. I have been to many comunitie, which i read a lot first before posting . . i generally do not post as some forums sound . . . fake? It's hard to say, but i am a really cautious person as i am sure you will learn sooner or later. However, the stories here, i can tell are full truths and not just some jerk playing pretend to get attention or in on some conversation. we all need to be so careful who we tell and what we share, for it opens ourselves up. For me, telling my friends and ex . . it opened me up to be abu
  11. It is not a commonly used way to describe myself and what i have been through. In most cases i will speak of myself as a victim and how my past has hurt me, what it has taken from me .. many of which i will never get back. Here on AS many of you speak of being survivors, which means that though it is a dark past you are been touched with, you are still holding strong and moving forward. Some of you even write about how far you have come, instead of saying all the wrong that has been done. I want to go from being a victim to a survivor, in my own eyes. Though I still breathe and lay awake
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