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  1. Welcome to AS. I am so sorry for whatever experiences have brought you here but I am so pleased that you have found us. This is an amazing place where you can share your story, find support and help support others, which are all healing steps. I hope that this is the start of a healing journey for you and that you're able to find the support you need and peace that comes with knowing you're not alone and that you do matter. Please feel free to PM me at anytime if there is anything you need, a shoulder, a friend, anything... ~> if okay... ?
  2. Hannah, welcome to AS. It sounds like you're having so much to deal with. I'm glad you've found us, a safe place to be supported and offer suppor.
  3. Blujean, Welcome to the group. I'm so sorry that you have had experiences that cause you to search us out but I'm really glad that you found us. We seem to have a lot in common, if nothing else the way we try and deal with our issues... Thank you for joining our group to support and be supported. I hope this begins your journey of healing.
  4. Welcome! I'm so sorry you have experiences tha thas cuased you to search us out but I'm so happy you did. I hope your healing journey begins now and gets you to a better place. ~*~*~Hugs and wishes~*~*~
  5. Kyva, It makes me want to cry to hear you say that... it makes me so happy I have the same hard time... calling myself a survivor. It's empowering though. We are survivors. We are strong. Look and what we've been through? We're amazing men and women who have seen hell and come back... We're SURVIVORS That realization is so important and I'm so glad you're now a survivor, and while we're all victims the healing begins when we realize we've survived it and they can't take that from us. please pm me if there's anything I can do for you...
  6. I'm so glad you found the courage to post here. This is a healing community and a place we can all share and be supported while supporting others, which helps us in return as well. Please use this website to heal... you deserve it. If you ever need anything, to talk, to cry, to have someone just listen or be there, PLEASE PM me. ~*~*~hugs and wishes~*~*~ that you may start your healing journey soon
  7. Kari Jo, welcome you don't have to say anything yet... just be here. Listen to others. Eventually you will find the strength and the words to share and we'll be here for you. We're here to share and support others while being supported ourselves... it's an amazingly healing process and community in which to do it... If you ever need anything please PM me, and I mean that with all of my heart
  8. It's amazing how we just melt into tears over sincere support isn't it?? I'm so glad that you feel supported! I'm so happy you're on a healing path... :0) You empower us all by speaking and being strong, thank you for that.
  9. Welcome to AS, I'm so glad you found a place to share, relate, support and be supported. If you need anything please feel free to PM me
  10. Welcome to AS Tammi I'm so sorry for what you have went thought but so happy that you have found us. One silent victim is one too many and by sharing our stories and breaking that silence we empower all of us as a whole. Thank you for joining us and if you ever need anything, anything at all, please PM me and I will try my hardest to help, listen, or just be there for you.
  11. Heather, welcome to AS! It's a truly amazing place for survivors and their supporters who are serious about needing support and also wanting to start down a path of healing... I'm so sorry for all that you have endured, whatever it may be... it's serious enough that you need help and support and I'm here for you. I hope you find all of the support you need and please, PLEASE feel free to PM me if you need a friend, shoulder, someone to listen... I'm here for you. ~*~*~hugs and wishes~*~*~ on your path to healing
  12. Thank you so much for all of your warm welcomes! I truly appreciate it and am weary but happy to be on the healing path and so greatful to have found a site like this to start my journey on.
  13. Thank you all for the warm welcomes and hugs I appreciate it and I am happy to be here... even though I tend to cry at the thought of logging in... although I think that is just a stage and I'm okay with the tears because I have always had a "no cry" rule but I think they mean healing now, it's just getting through all the "muck" to start said healing, right?? Thank you so much.
  14. sunshine4x


    Hi. I recently found this site as I was trying to help other survivors like myself... and in trying to help them I realized that I hadn't healed at all... I had just kept burying everything under me and ignoring it. So, when I tried to help others and found myself so raw that I would burst into tears just thinking about things and knowing that I still have night terrors every night I decided maybe I should try this site and maybe I could find some help here... My name is Lori. I am a survivor of mental, emotional, verbal, sexual and physcial abuse by both family and an ex boyfriend.
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