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  1. Hello

    Hi tmn, glad you found this online community everyone is very supportive here....it takes a lot of courage to join a place like this and I look forward in getting to know you better. Lors
  2. Hello All. New Here.

    Hi and welcome to AS, I have found this site very supportive, hope you have the same experience. Lors x
  3. Hello!

    hi and welcome to AS I hope that you find what your looking for in this community it is a really nurturing safe place to be. looking forward to getting to know you. Lors x
  4. Hello

    hello and nice to meet you Lors x
  5. Hi

    Hello and Lors x
  6. New Here And Scared

    Hello and Lors x
  7. It's Been Awhile

    Hello and Lors x
  8. Blog For Mutual Support

    Hello and Lors x
  9. Hey, I'm New

    hello and Lors x
  10. Hi

    Hello and welcome to AS Lors x
  11. Hi..i'm Kez

    Hello and welcome to AS
  12. ...

    Hello and welcome to AS Lors x
  13. Hi

    Hi and welcome to AS Lors x
  14. I Am A Survivor2

    Magnolia, It is hard to trust people and I had the same issues however I did find that this board was an easy place to make friends for me anyway and easier to trust them as your not really giving anything away because at the end of the day you may never meet them in real life. Personally I found it easier that way, however everyone is different. I hope you find some peace here and support. Just take things at your on pace.
  15. I Am A Survivor2

    Hi magnolia crush, Welcome to AS... I am sorry that your friends have abandoned you at the time you needed them the most. This site is great for making friends, I personally have made many new great friends from here and I love them all dearly. I hope you find what your looking for in the board and im sorry for the things that brought you here. It is grea to have you here never-the-less and hope to be friend and see you around on the board, take great care, Lors x