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  1. "Hi there" seems like an awkwardly cheerful way to introduce myself on this particular forum but I think it's fitting since I am often both awkward and cheerful. My name is Myra. I'm part of the lgbtq+ community and have been married for 6 years. I am currently working on both my PTSD and eating disorder recovery. My hobbies include doing whatever is a giant F U to the eating disorder, playing Harry Potter trivia, gardening and growing my own food, and lots of handicrafts to keep me busy like spinning yarn and painting. I am a pet person who, besides having a service dog for my PTSD, also has another dog, a cat, and an assortment of fish. Please enjoy these photos of my dogs. Two days ago I disclosed my trauma to my therapist, the first person I've ever told and something I've been hanging onto for fifteen years. I'm having A LOT of feelings about it, so I started looking for online support and that's how I got here. I guess I'm just hoping to feel less alone and abnormal. So hello everyone.
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