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  1. Well hi there, Survivor#x Welcome to AS!!! This site is Wonderful! Take Care of yourself. Creator of Art
  2. Welcome Tricky!!! AS is a wonderful sight, and I am glad you found it. I have been here for a while and it has truly helped me overcome anger and any doubts and fears I once had. Going on live chats were also very helpful for me to get out whatever I was feeling and helped me converse with other survivors of the same things I have went through. You aren't alone, and you are loved! Good luck on your healing . I'll be around if you want someone to talk to. Just look me up or drop me a message. Take care of yourself! *Creator of Art* o_0
  3. You are so brave for going to the police! I am very happy that you have taken that step, and you are closer to finding your rapist. I am glad you found AS, and you are more than welcomed here! Take care of yourself and keep healing. You aren't alone and we can all listen if you feel the need to share. Remember, we have been in your position, and felt what you are feeling. Don't be ashamed or scared, take your life back and prove to everyone, including yourself, that you can overcome this tragedy. It is only temporary, you pain; MEMORIES HURT ONLY IF YOU LET THEM. Take care of yourself and let it out.
  4. Misty I think we all deal with rape differently. Nobody deals with something that traumatic the same as anyone else. I admit too, that I surpressed my rape. Which is why I clicked on this thread, to see what everyone's take on dealing with rape is. I was raped four years ago, and I told my boyfriend about it a year ago, he has supported me where I didn't think he would. Once I was raped I tossed it aside, I didn't want to think about it because I didn't want others to figure it out. I only talked about it to my boyfriend and then I found I had a talent at writing. I used my writing to express my grief and sorrow. And then, once I told my family about my rape, I found my talent to be lacking and I took that as I was getting better. Then I found AfterSilence; this site can help me where my family and boyfriend cannot. Coping isn't easy, realizing that it was so simple for me to be taken advantage of in the worst way is really discouraging and makes me feel so inferior and so bleak. But I rest easily knowing that one day I will overcome this trauma and get my life back. I hope your healing goes smoothly. Remember, you aren't alone. Talk about it! Many hugs
  5. Twinkle:::: Good for you for finding AfterSilence! There is no pressure to share anything you do not feel comfortable with. We all can understand what you are going through and we would love to help you any way we can, even if all you need is a lended ear. Everyone here is so nice and kind, and you really do feel welcomed every time you log on. Making friends is easy to do, and I, for one, and hoping to get to know you better. Livechats are an easy way to make friends. After Silence has truly helped me understand that what I went through isn't as foreign as I thought it was and that it unfortunatley happens to the best of us. Healing is coming quickly, but not without sharing. Take care of yourself! Welcome to AS.
  6. Hi Nicole, thank you for the welcome. I have already made so many friends, and I feel very comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with everyone because none of them seem to judge. I really like your avatar!!! Very sensuous; and feminine. I love corsets, they make the wearer feel very beautiful and womanly.
  7. Thanks sadeyes22! I really would like to get to know everyone on here, everyone is so nice! I post new topics every now and then. My profile is practically filled with things about me.
  8. Good job finding this site, I joined and this site has helped tremendously. It really is. Everyone here is so nice and has a lot of advice to give, we are all very good at listening. Only share what you feel comfortable with and enjoy it! We are here to support each other. Creator Of Art AKA Cyndi
  9. Hi Krystnme, You replied to one of my posts, and so I sent you a message. Read it when you can. You are very brave for sharing your story, there is no pressure to say anything that you aren't ready for. But as I quickly learned, we are All hear for you. And I am a very very good listener. It isn't right that your abuser has self-acclaimed power in your town, it's horrible actually. I am so sorry that you must endure the burden of knowing that he is well-liked. But be strong and you will make it. I'm here if you want to talk. No pressure. I'm in the livechats a lot. I am also new, but it's easy to find my way around now. If you want to catch me in livechat, you have to have posted 25 or more comments on threads. It's really easy to make friends here, and everyone is so nice. Take care and be kind to yourself.
  10. I would love to show you my art some time. I will take some pictures soon and attach them to a message and send them to you. First I have to find my digital camera... woops. =-)
  11. Thank you guys! For all of your support. It takes a lot for me to get the courage to talk about it, and I know that it will be a lot easier once I do it more often. Again, THANK YOU ALL!
  12. I'm new here myself, but I quickly learned that everyone here has a chance to speak and a chance to be heard. You are among friends.
  13. I'm definitely making friends here, and finding it a lot easier to get around. Everyone here cares for each other so much! It's awe-inspiring.
  14. Hi Todlyn, thank you for the warm welcome!
  15. I am slowly finding my way around aftersilence, I get a bit lost, but all in due time, I should be on my way to understanding what to click on and such. Jaahda-- wow! You are a pubished author? That's amazing! Dodo-- Thank you for the advice on the site. Saltywaters-- Thank you for the welcome. Angelic-- Thank you!
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