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  1. Www.spokeo.com

    Only the USA for names but did you try putting in your email address? It found me through my email. Doesnt have details for non usa citizens through name search though tg because we have different privacy laws.
  2. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    I hope you die roaring
  3. Crisis Centre Numbers

    http://www.rapecrisis.org.za/contact-us/ will direct people to the rape crisis helplines for South Africa. Well Cape Town anyway. And it is in English. Web addresses for South Africa end in in za not cv, am not sure why the post info is in french either? Perhaps someone else can clear it up and change it so it does not confuse people?
  4. New Amd Nervous!

    Hi Crystalblue and welcome. I think we all get scared at first but hang around and get to know us and that will ease off
  5. Hi All! Im New!

    Hi Welcome to AS
  6. Ireland

    Can I add this link? Most comprehensive list of RCC in Ireland http://www.drcc.ie/contact/centres.htm
  7. Couple Of Things

    I think there are times when we can give and others when we need to graciously recieve. Sometimes when we feel we cannot give then we need to surrender to the recieving without feeling like a user. We all have good and bad times. Thinking of you
  8. New Here....

    Hi and welcome to AS
  9. New And Very Nervous

    Hi and welcome to AS
  10. Hi Im A Newbie

    Hi and welcome
  11. Hi

    Hi J, Welcome to AS
  12. Hello Everyone

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  13. Hi!

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  14. Nice To Meet Everyone

  15. Hi I Am New

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