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  1. Welcome Ayanna, I hope that AS can be a positive space for you in your healing journey. My experience wasn't in childhood, but if you'd like to talk sometime anyway, feel free to drop me a line. ~D
  2. Awesome! I will definitely drop you a line. Good luck with your healing journey.
  3. Thank you! And yeah, I'm glad I found this place too, though we'll probably always wish the circumstances were different, ya know? I'm already feeling the healing vibe just from poking around here, so ... I'm thinking that this will be very helpful. And I appreciate your words of welcome!
  4. It does kind of worry me that it seems like I may have to fall apart before I can put all the pieces back together in some sense of normalcy, but I do want to get better, so I guess I'll be around here trying to figure it out along with everyone else here. Thanks for welcoming me!
  5. Aww, thank you! That's sweet! I'm glad I've found this place too and you're awesome for the very well-illustrated welcome! :D
  6. Oh yay! Glad to hear I'm not alone! And yeah, I'm starting to realize that not being okay is just part of the process. I wish I could avoid it or skip it or something, but obviously that's not working as well as I'd thought. Heh. So, yeah, we can totally not be okay together. :D Thanks for the welcome!
  7. Thank you! I'm starting to feel the love already.
  8. Thanks, Elle. I definitely feel less alone in this space. So many people are coping/surviving/thriving in so many different ways. It's sad that we have to do this, ya know, but it's heart-warming that people can be so open about these things, even if its only in here. I appreciate you offering your thoughts and support.
  9. Yeah? It's always good to know I'm not alone!
  10. How is it that I'm reasonably intelligent and yet I'm only now, 6 years later, starting to read information about sexual violence and the stories of other survivors? It's a hard thing to explore, but ... I feel so much less alone now. Why didn't I do this before? I hit a bad trigger this week, which is what got me in here, honestly, and I'm a mess, but I'm surviving. My history is dotted with a few minor traumas and a few major ones. I think it's important to note, though, that I was kinky and kind of queer before and remain kinky and kind of queer, even after everything, so I'm always really interested to talk with anyone else with similar circumstances. (Or actually with any circumstances, honestly.) ;-) [/cut/] Mostly, I've dealt by writing and reading and talking and thinking. A lot of my writing is really dark, but that's just what works for me. I'm fairly certain that my intellectual/creative approach to stuff like this has a lot to do with keeping my emotions in check, as if not being emotional and being able to clearly say that I'm okay, means that I actually am. I have the understanding that I need to fix this [and I'm working on it].
  11. Gosh, this is so me. This whole thread is so me. I'd been fine/okay/good for so long, stuffing down my emotions, because I really do think it somehow feels easier, like I'll shatter into so many pieces and never be okay again if I really let go. I hit a really bad trigger this week, though, and am starting to wonder if I was ever really okay or just fooling myself.
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