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  1. Offical Introduction

    Hi Lavendar! Welcome...I'm going through a divorce, too...and much of it relates to my issues with my past. Meg
  2. I'm New

    Hi Elisah I relate to your words. I, too, am in therapy and working to deal with the memories of abuse that I'd forgotten or liked to pretend didn't happen. We're here for you. Hugs, Meg
  3. General Age Of Forum

    I'm 28...somedays I feel much older...others I feel like I'm 7. Guess it's just part of the ride.
  4. Hi

    Hi all, my name is Megan, and I'm new to this site. I've been struggling in silence with my abuse for almost my whole life. It's only been in the past year that I've had the courage to begin speaking up about it. And sometimes I feel so lonely and dark. It seems that there are self-help groups for just about anything you could ever want but this...how to get off drugs, alchohol, sex. How to lose weight. But what I want is a place where I can talk about the fact that some nights I hate going to bed, that some days I wonder if I'll ever be able to truly love another human being, that some moments I think I could crumble into a million pieces...I'm hoping that I have finally found a place to feel at home...